5 Kitchen Tools You Need To Prepare Eggs

You'll use these for almost any kind of egg dish.

Eggs are one of those underestimated ingredients in the kitchen. When cooking, it’s common to cook eggs for breakfast. It can be poached, fried, boiled, scrambled, and even baked. 

To make almost any egg dish, you will need two or more of these five kitchen tools:  

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1 Nonstick pan

It’s almost understood that eggs will stick to the pan when cooked. It’s notorious for sticking… unless you’re using a nonstick pan which is why it’s essential cookware you’re cooking eggs on the stove. Scrambled eggs, in particular, will still stick to a nonstick pan but once it’s set, it should gently release from the nonstick pan. 

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2 Spatulas

There are actually three kinds of spatulas but for cooking, you will either need one or the other. The cooking spatula is a flipper. The long flipping spatulas with the long slits are commonly used for fish, hence its name fish spatula. However, either is acceptable when it’s time to flip or fold over an omelet to remove it from the pan and onto a plate. These can be made with either heat-resistant plastic, stiff silicone, or metal heads.  


The rubber spatula, also known as silicone spatula that you might use for baking, is also used for eggs, usually the scrambled eggs. These are great for nonstick pans since it will not scratch the surface unlike metal utensils.          

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3 Whisks

These are usually associated with baking but it’s also commonly used in cooking, too. You will also need it to whip egg whites to stiff peaks for buttermilk waffles and souffle pancakes or to just combine the egg yolk and whites for a well-mixed scrambled egg dish or omelet.

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4 Bowls

No matter what you’re cooking, it’s likely that you’ll need bowls. These bowls can be used as mixing bowls or as ingredient bowls so you are prepared to toss everything into the wok or pot as needed. Bowls are the perfect vessel to hold the whites and the yolks when separated. It’s also what you will use in tandem with the whisk to whip the whites to soft or stiff peaks, too. It can also simply hold the broken but perfectly formed egg before you carefully slide it into the hot nonstick frying pan for your silog meal. 


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5 Kitchen timer

If you’re going to boil or poach eggs, this kitchen gadget is indispensable. You might be using your phone as your kitchen timer but why use that when it might also be holding your recipe just merely minimized? When a difference of 1 minute can mean a perfectly soft-boiled or still runny poached egg and an overcooked egg, a kitchen timer sounds more practical and useful. You can use this for other recipes, too, apart from eggs such as perfectly al dente pasta or to tell you when you’ve pressure cooked the beef to tenderness already after 1 hour.     

Make it a habit to start using a real kitchen timer for all your egg recipes. The most basic ones are super easy to use (just turn the dial to the right setting). 

Do you have all of these five cooking items in your kitchen? Make full use of these so every egg recipe you make is an easy-to-make success. 



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