Know Your Beef Cuts and Where They Come From

Here is a quick look at the different cuts of beef and what they are used for.



Cooking beef can be tricky, and knowing which part to use for different dishes makes all the difference. Use this guide to beef cuts to learn how to choose the right pieces for your dish, and give our awesome steak and ribs recipes a go!




Chuck, Brisket, Round, and Shank

These four cuts are the toughest ones—braising works best for them because the low-and-slow cook allows them to soften up.

Osso buco, corned beef, roasted beef belly (show in photo) and simple beef stews are often made with these cuts. You can also use the round for ground beef.


Take the Asian route with a fork-tender, Southeast Asian-inspired stew.




Plate and Flank

These cuts are lean with slight toughness. Grill the long and grainy flank cuts low and slow over the grill until tender. The plate of a cow is right under the rib area, so this cut does better with braising or grilling to bring out the full flavor of the fat in the meat. Make flavorful skirt steaks and hanger steaks with these cuts!


One of the most popular Korean dishes, bulgogi is best served with rice and wrapped in lettuce leaves. Pair it with some kimchi and you're good to go.




Rib, Short Loin, and Sirloin

These are the most tender and most prized cuts of beef. Ribs and sirloin are best enjoyed grilled, seared and sautéed, or broiled. Short loins give you your T-bone and Porterhouse steaks, rib cuts give you your rib eye steaks (shown in photo) and roasts, and sirloins are best for soft roasted tenderloin dishes. 


This hearty steak with potatoes recipe brings the steakhouse experience to your dinner table.


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