For A K BBQ-Themed Dinner: Recipes You Can Try

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Thinking about what to serve on a daily basis can be a hardship if you don't have a plan laid out. That's why many turn to a meal plan to make their lives easier to manage. When you know what you're going to cook, it takes out the headache of trying to decide when you're not ready or in the mood. 

Having a themed dinner night is a great meal planning tactic to make every dinner a different and delicious meal. Setting aside a night to have a Korean-themed dinner is perfect for indulging your K-drama obsession. Plan this dinner with all the dishes that will make it a memorable night every time:  

Korean Barbecue Appetizers  

You can't start off the dinner without a little something or two to make everyone excited that it's Korean food night. To get everyone in the mood, choose any of these dishes which you might want to serve before the barbecue starts: 

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1 Kimbap Recipe 

You don't have to start too light since everyone will be eagerly awaiting food to cook later. To make sure everyone is at least a little satisfied, serve these sushi-like rolls called kimbap. These are very much like sushi rolls but with a big flavor difference: the sushi rice inside the roll is tossed in sesame oil instead of sweetened rice vinegar. 


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May 30, 2016

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2 Mandu (Korean Meat Dumpling) Recipe 

Just like the Chinese, the Koreans also have their dumplings and this is a meaty one! The delicious difference in these dumplings is the chopped up kimchi and the sesame oil that's mixed along with the ground meat mix. 

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3 Korean-Style Grilled Corn Recipe 

This may be something you might want to serve with the main barbecue meats but this is so good, you may want to savor it before the meatiness overwhelms all other dishes. These are slathered in the spicy red chili paste (gochujang) and a chunky bean paste (doenjang) mix called ssamjang or Korean dipping sauce that is also typically served with your barbecue. 

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Korean Barbecue Main Dishes  

This is where the real fun starts! If you have a Korean barbecue grill, you'll be able to pull this off easier. Even without one, you can use any electric grill that you place in the center on the side of the table to mimic the Korean barbecue. Just remember that there are ways of making sure you're safe with your tableside grilling skills. 

Even before you're ready to start cooking, there are a few things to put together before the dinner can start and it's not just presenting platters of thin meat cuts to cook. You'll need to prepare and marinade these meats, too: 


4 Sizzling Korean Chicken Barbecue Recipe 

If you bought a big canister of gochujang, doenjang, and a few other Korean sauces and condiments, you'll be using it a lot for these other meats. These boneless chicken cuts marinated overnight will be perfect for adding a little sweet and spicy charred flavor to your Korean dinner.   


5 Beef Bulgogi Recipe 

Did you know that "bulgogi" means barbecue? It does, so it's just right that you can some of this thinly sliced beef marinated and ready to saute on the Korean barbecue grill plate so you can enjoy this on top of your rice. You can even use chicken or even pork for this, too. You can use a prepared bulgogi sauce in a jar or try making our own with this DIY recipe. 



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