Ever Wondered About Those Gold Pots In K-Dramas? We Found One Online!

IMAGE Lazada

Sometimes a pot is just a pot, and this pretty gold pot that's under P500 is a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you love eating instant noodles. 

The golden pot is definitely a pretty one to have. It's not only aesthetically pretty in color but it's a small pot that will find itself useful in almost any kitchen, whether you're living solo or with a big family. Not all dishes after all need to be cooked in a large pot. 

However, the pot has more significance than merely being a pretty pot. The gold pot is allegedly a trip back in time for many Koreans. The nostalgic pot is what was used in the post-South Korean War when food was scarce and aluminum pots were abundant. These aluminum pots were usually coated in a nickel-silver coating which turned the normally silver pots brassy or yellow-golden in color

For some kitchens, these pots were eventually replaced by modern, more heavy-duty, heavy-bottomed pots. Some replaced these pots because acidic food can leach aluminum into the food (The transfer is minimal and any that does enter your body isn't easily absorbed.) but mostly because aluminum pots are easily dented. 

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This easily-dented quality of these pots can be disregarded by those who love fast and quick cooking, especially when it comes to their instant noodles.  

One of the best reasons to get this Korean pot is if you regularly cook and eat instant noodles. The size is perfect for one serving of instant ramen. Plus, the thin metal pot heats up quickly and easily, so you don't have to wait a long time for the water to boil versus a heavy-bottomed pot that may need more time to get hot. Since the size is perfect for one serving, many Koreans do not even bother with transferring the noodles into a bowl and consume their meal straight in the pot. (You can tell your roommate to get their own ramen pot.) 


Finally, this gorgeous and affordable gold pot costs just P341 and if you treat it well, it can and will last as long as you enjoy a delicious bowl of ramyeon

Korean Ramen Gold Pot 16cm, P341, Lazada 


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