You Can Make Delicious Lasagna Using These Pasta Sauce Ideas

You don't have to stick to one kind of sauce.

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Lasagna is a pasta dish that requires preparation and time. This layered pasta dish is known for its irresistible cheesy sauce and the layered noodles that sandwich a meaty pasta sauce. This dish isn't an easy recipe to make since it takes time but even if you only make this once a month, you can get bored with the flavors if it's the same kind you taste with any other pasta dish you make. 

You can have a different kind of lasagna simply by changing the pasta sauce you use. All you need to know is that you should use a sauce that you like tossed with your pasta. The biggest tweak to pasta sauce recipes that you'll use for lasagna is to add more water to the sauce, so it can simmer, cook, and be absorbed by the noodles a little bit more for a more flavorful lasagna dish. 


Not only that, you may need to make a double or even triple batch of the sauce since some of these sauces are perfect for coating noodles.  

Here are several great pasta sauce recipes to try to change its flavor the next time you crave some lasagna: 

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1 Creamy Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce Recipe 

See how creamy this pasta looks? If you'd love to eat a lasagna that's got a silky pasta sauce and doesn't taste like it's just tomatoes, this vodka sauce will give you a bite of something different. Feel free to brown some meat to add to the sauce before slathering it on lasagna sheets. 


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Puttanesca Sauce Recipe 

Puttanesca is a pasta sauce that's loaded with strong tangy and tart flavors. It's all because of the ingredients that complement the tomato-based sauce. It's got briny olives, pickled capers, aromatic garlic, and to amp up the umami flavor, anchovies. The addition of the fish is not so much a flavor that you will taste but it does deliver a saltiness and a savory taste that few other ingredients can give it.

Make this version for a delicious vegetarian version that relies on the pasta sauce to deliver on the flavor. 

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3 Bolgonese Pasta Sauce Recipe  

The bolognese may sound like it's the classic pasta sauce to use for lasagna but it's not. However, that doesn't mean it can't be the ultimate meaty pasta sauce for the lasagna. 

In fact, it is the best kind of pasta sauce to use for a lasagna. The richness of this sauce combined with its chunkiness is the perfect texture and taste for the lasagna. The drawback of this sauce is the amount of time it takes to cook it to develop that flavor. One taste however might change you mind about using this pasta sauce for your lasagna because it might be the most flavorful way to enjoy a lasagna. 


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4 Cubano Pasta Sauce Recipe 

What makes this pasta sauce truly unique among the pasta sauces is the addition of bell peppers to the mix. Bell peppers, particularly green bell peppers, have a unique flavor and this flavor is delicious in this pasta dish. To add it to a lasagna recipe however is pushing the grounds of delicious because of this surprising flavor.

If you love the pasta version of this recipe, then you should experience it as a lasagna with its bold flavors and spiced sauce. 

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5 Chorizo Meatball Pasta Sauce Recipe 

Have you ever used sausage meat instead of ground meat to create a meaty pasta sauce? Then you understand how flavorful that pasta sauce can be! However, those flavors can be too powerful so when it comes to sausages, keeping it small and formed in balls is the way to go. 

By keeping the chorizo as meatballs, the flavor of the choizo is imparted to the sauce without being too overwhelming. You can arrange the meatballs around the lasagna layer so you can have sections with the chorizo and sections with just the sauce. The flavor will be still be there and that's what going to make this delicious. 

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6 Sun-dried Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe 

The bold flavor of sundried tomatoes will make your pasta sauce incredibly flavorful. Instead of tomato paste which isn't seasoned, the sun-dried tomato pesto is seasoned and this will deliver an incredibly intense tomato flavor. If you love tomatoes, you need to try adding this ingredient to your pasta sauce for that umami boost in tomato flavor. 




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