These Are The Flavored Leche Flans You Should Cook To Make Your Noche Buena Desserts More Interesting

Upgrade your leche flan game with one of these delicious variants.

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Leche flans may just be the favorite dessert of the Pinoy. It's a luscious dessert that's incredibly creamy, is doused in a liquidy caramel syrup that has an undercurrent of bitterness to balance the sweet, and has just the right amount of irresistibility that it's used to top another favorite Pinoy dessert: the halo halo

But every leche flan you've had has the same taste, so we think it's time to change up the flavor profile of your favorite dessert. From coffee to strawberry, we think these flavors will upgrade your leche flan game

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Princess San Diego developed as many as eight flavors of the popular Filipino dessert.

Here are 5 leche flans you should make this Christmas season to change things up: 

This creamy leche flan is made even creamier with cream cheese.
Photo by Riell Santos

Cream Cheese Leche Flan Recipe


A simple ingredient addition and it transforms an already creamy dessert into one that really is luscious and totally irresistible. 

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This leche flan is extra luscious thanks to cream cheese!

Coffee lovers will love that their favorite latte is now a dessert.
Photo by Riell Santos

Coffee Leche Flan Recipe

We totally understand the love affair many people have with coffee, so why not indulge with this creamy dessert that tastes just like your favorite brew? Or take it up a notch even further and make it into a coffee leche flan cake? 


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Try this coffee-flavored take on a Filipino classic dessert!

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This leche flan cake is infused with the warm nutty flavors of coffee!

This leche flan gets its creamiest boosted from coconut.
Photo by Majoy Siason

Coconut Leche Flan Recipe 

You've got to hand it to coconut for being so versatile it's fantastic in any form, including this luscious dessert with hints of coconut beneath the syrupy caramel. 

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Here's a new take on leche flan: using coconut milk makes it extra luscious.

Try making the classic leche flan with coconut milk and coconut cream!

Chocolate just makes this luscious leche flan even better.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Chocolate Leche Flan Recipe 


Chocolate lovers, this one is for you. The creamy leche flan gets a revamp in flavor with its caramel getting a dose of chocolate.  

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A decadent chocolate caramel tops this luscious leche flan.

It's easy to infuse this leche flan with strawberry flavor.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Strawberry Leche Flan Recipe

You don't need unique ingredients to make a delicious dessert that tastes great and unique. This leche flan is made using flavored milk. 


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Easily infuse the flavor of strawberries into your leche flan with this easy hack.

It's a common complaint that there is never enough leche flans at parties and get-togethers, so the solution to that is to make sure that you always have one for yourself this Noche Buena and make one of these delicious flavored leche flans for friends, family, and yourself too. After all, it's not the most joyous time of the year when you yourself haven't had enough of your favorite dessert. 

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Making the perfect leche flan every time is possible.

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You don't need to go without your leche flan fix.

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