Make An Easy Lechon Paksiw With This Surprising Ingredient

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Lechon paksiw may not be as common as you think. Few households often have leftover lechon or even leftover lechon kawali. The Pinoy's appetite for pork is legendary, and we really do love our pork. That whole pig on a spit at almost every gathering and party is a testament to that. 

This may be the reason why many people make lechon paksiw on purpose. They crave that sour-sweet flavor that this paksiw recipe has and, combined with the richness of the fatty pork, it's a satisfying meal every time. 

If you want a lechon paksiw, you might be surprised to learn a recipe hack that could make you want to change the way you make it. Would you believe this lechon paksiw recipe only requires four other ingredients apart from the pork?  You need black peppercorns, a red onion, lechon sauce, and Sprite. 

Yes, Sprite or any lemon-lime soda.

lechon paksiw cooked with Sprite
This lechon paksiw recipe contains a delicious secret ingredient!
Photo by Bianca Laxamana
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You may be surprised about this ingredient because you may be wondering where the vinegar is. The vinegar or the sour taste that you're looking for is actually in the soda. Since lemon-lime sodas contain citric acid, the sour flavor that you taste in these types of sodas, the missing vinegar is not missed. In fact, since you're cooking with an ingredient that's not too harsh, it takes less time for the paksiw to cook then if you used real vinegar.     


You may even use the bottle that lost all its spirit or fizz because this recipe doesn't require the fizz at all for this dish to be a success. Instead, the flatness of the soda is not going to affect your dish since it's the flavor that we're after and fizz or no fizz, the soda still has that. 

Plus, since sodas are loaded with sugar, you don't need to add additional sugar to the dish. The soda is already sweet and so is the lechon sauce. All you really need is some spice from the black peppercorns and the actual pork chunks. You can use leftover lechon as the original recipes of old or lacking that leftover food, using lechon kawali makes a great substitute for it in a pinch.   

You need to try this hack to believe it! The soda is a great substitute and the no-waste way to use that bottle of no-fizz soda that has been in your kitchen for days. Plus, it's a great excuse to buy more, isn't it? 


Try the hack and see if any of these lechon paksiw recipes can be a fitting candidate for this new recipe hack. 




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