Meals to Pack for the Long Weekend + Tips!

Having a road trip this weekend? Avoid road rage with a steady stream of food.

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Are you going on a road trip this weekend? Whether you’re riding a bus or taking your own vehicle, you need to be prepared food-wise! A long road trip is sure going to make everyone hungry! 

We’ve got the recipes and the tips to make sure you get fed at the right time even while you’re on the road!

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1 Road-Trip Ready Adobo


Of course, Adobo is going to be part of this list! Famous for developing deliciously at room temperature for days without spoiling, you can’t go wrong with bringing a pot of this.

Here’s a tip: You can also make individual packs with rice in banana leaves for disposable clean up and even more flavor.

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Who doesn't love classic Pinoy adobo flavors?

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Here we give you tips on how to make great-tasting adobo.

This family favorite is easy to master!

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2 Breakfast Muffins


There’s a lot to love about these recipes that come in cups. First, you can stack them in a box. Second, they’re already partitioned so everyone is sure to get one. Third, you can eat them with your hands!

This recipe makes for a great addition to your breakfast options.

This purple Pinoy favorite makes these muffins extra special.

We can't wait for you to try these sumptuous, savory muffins!

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3 Fresh Salads

We’re sure you’re going to be bringing along some junk food, so balance it out with your salads.


The best way to pack your salads is to keep the components separate. This will keep juicy fruits from changing the taste of other ingredients. Keeping your leaves dry is also key to preserve crunch. If you’re not traveling via bus and packing light is not an issue, you can keep your salads in a jar with the sauces at the bottom. 

Make your salad more hefty with roasted chicken.

Make this taco salad for lunch!

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This version uses ingredients that are easy to find in the supermarket.

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4 Your Go-to Sandwiches


These easy-to-eat treats use the same rule as salads when traveling: keep components separate. This will keep your lettuce crunchy and help you avoid soggy bread.

This chicken sandwich is spicy and tangy! Pile on extra fried chicken for a good crunch.

You can make this Filipino adobo pulled pork recipe in a slow cooker.

Pack this chicken sandwich for your next road trip!

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5 Marinated Meats for the Grill

Are you going to the beach or a resort? Then get ready for the grill!


Pack your raw meat, whether pork, beef, chicken or seafood, already in their marinades so they’ll be ready to cook when you get to your venue. Be sure to bring them in a cooler with ice to keep your meat fresh.

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Choose the way you treat your barbecued meats for a great tasting grilled feast.

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This sweet and savory barbecue is perfect for any occasion

It's the pork cut that makes these ribs easy to eat and beautiful to serve.

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You'd be surprised that the best cuts of meat to cook the grill aren't the most popular.

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6 Ready-to-Go Burrito

You get all the best things about a meal: rice, beef, cheese, veggies, but in a super convenient serving. Toast them in a toaster, wrap it up in foil, and pack it in a thermal bag to keep the warm temperature for as long as you can.


This burrito recipe uses leftover pork inasal to make a hefty breakfast burrito.

This breakfast burrito is perfect for days when there just isn't enough time to sit down and eat.

This beef burrito recipe has lots of cilantro rice and refried beans!

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7 Keep Lasagna Hot for Hours    

If you cook your lasagna in the oven until you get that bubbly browned cheese top, leaving it in its baking pan and sealing it with foil will preserve its heat for hours thanks to high internal temperatures. We won’t be surprised if you go to the lengths of Baguio and still get to have a slice of smoking warm lasagna.


You can create a decadent lasagna sans the high calorie count.

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Make your lasagna meaty with this recipe that oozes meat, cheese, and even more meat!


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Pack your food safely when you're going to hit the road!

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You can make a no-bake cheesecake with your eyes closed. It's easy!

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