This Is The Perfect Cooking Oil To Use For Frying

There's an oil which meets the requirements you need.

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Whether you’re deep frying, sautéing, or stir frying, the type of oil you’re using is important. That’s because you have to take into account that the oil you use won't break down while you're cooking. 


While the oil which you use for everyday cooking can be any number of common oils on the market, it's good practice to know the best oil to use for certain cooking applications. 


Take a look at what you're cooking and here are the characteristics you need to heed when choosing the right oil for your frying needs:


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1 Gentle Frying and Short Cooking Times

How long will you be cooking your food? If the answer is just a few minutes, as you would a simple sautéed dish that cooks quick over a moderate heat, the smoke point (or the temperature which causes the oil to begin to start smoking) is not a big concern. You can safely use oils with low smoke points such as sunflower or sesame oils to add more flavor to your favorite dishes without worrying that your oil may break down as you cook.


The oil: sunflower oil, sesame oil, olive oils, and corn oil  


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2 High-Heat Cooking

If you’re going to be cooking on high heat, as you would if stir-frying, then you’re going to need an oil that can withstand that temperature, so you’re going to need one with a high smoke point because it will more likely need to hit high temperature before the cooking is done. Consider peanut oil whose high smoke point will make stir frying at any heat a safe and smoke-free one.



The oil: peanut oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil 


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3 Deep-Frying and Long Cooking Times

When it comes to deep frying, a cooking oil with a high smoke point is essential. That’s because not only will the oil need to be a high temperature, it will need to maintain that high temperature for a long time, too.


The oil: peanut oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil 


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Now that you know which oil is the best for your cooking needs, remember to be ready with your ingredients so you can cook fast and easy, or long and slow without having to worry your oil may begin to smoke.

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