Lure Luck To Your Home With These CNY Lucky Food

Make these dishes to bring in extra luck.

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Chinese new year, also known as the lunar new year, is an auspicious day for those who celebrate it. 

A full cycle of the moon marks the start of the Spring Festival for the Chinese, so if you're celebrating this day, you are going to need ideas on what to serve to lure your lucky stars to bless you and your family this year. 

There are seven lucky food believed to help bring in luck to your homes! Mix and match any of these delicious and lucky recipes on your Chinese New Year spread if you want to extra good luck: 

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1 For Prosperity: Fish Recipes     

According to the Chinese, fish is one of the main lucky food to ring in the new year. Whole fish dishes are especially luckier than the easy-to-cook fillets. There are even tips on how to eat a whole fish right to ensure the new year is a prosperous one! 

If you're looking to see how lucky you can be this year, try any of these delicious whole fish recipes to tempt fate to knock on your door: 

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2 For Wealth: Dumpling and Lumpia Recipes

The Chinese are known for their incredibly intricate dumpling wrapping skills! From the simple folds of a siomai to the ingredient-filled pouches in pleated artwork that look too good to eat, the dumpling is more than just stuffed wrappers. The pleats are a symbol of luck and for a truly lucky dumpling to be made, it needs to have 18 pleats. Not only that, dumplings should be arranged when plated in a line, not an endless circle, to promote a beginning and an end.  

This may sound like a lot of pleats for a tiny dumpling but if you're intimidated, there are other food that is said to attract wealth. Try fried spring rolls instead. These are lucky food attracting wealth because these are said to represent gold bars. No special rolling techniques are necessary!  

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3 For Family and Togetherness: Sweet Rice Ball Recipes     

Sweet rice balls or bilo bilo are easy to make! This simple dough made of rice flour and water can easily be made and flavored as well with your choice of extracts of mix-ins. These are the same rice balls you'll find in a ginataang halo halo.

If you want to take your bilo bilo up a notch for this new year, try stuffing the bilo bilo dough with a surprise treat inside like pastillas or even yema before boiling. 

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4 For A More Successful Career: Glutinous Rice Cake Recipes     

If you're looking to step up, take more responsibility, earn more than you did last year, and just be higher in position, you're going to need to lure in some serious luck. Do that with these kinds of cakes made with glutinous rice.

It's not the stickiness of the rice that makes it lucky; it's the puffed nature of these cakes. Kutsinta is a classic a glutinous rice cake recipe that you can easily make at home. You can even make puto recipes using glutinous rice for a puto Calasio version. 

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5 For Happiness and Longevity: Noodles Recipes     

Finally, noodles are the classic food to serve when it's one birthday. It promotes long life and happiness as presented in the long strands of the noodles. This belief is just as important for birthday party spreads as it is for the Chinese new year meal.

You can choose any of your favorite pancit recipes or expect a new flavor and taste when you try one of these noodle recipes: 


Which of these recipes are you thinking of preparing and cooking this Chinese new year?  


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