Make These Dishes To To Attract Luck + Money In the New Year

Attract abundance and fortune with lucky recipes with round-shaped ingredients.

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If you want to attract abundance and fortune, it's said that you should have food that are round or shaped like circles and rings to symbolize coins and thus, wealth, fortune, and good luck. Not everyone may believe in the power of luck. We say, why scoff at the belief if it results in some delicious food with round-shaped ingredients and at the same time, attract money and fortune to into your life? 

Here are ideas on what round-shaped food you can make this new year to tempt fate to shower you with some good luck this coming year:   

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1 Easy Almondigas Recipe 

Soup is always a great idea for celebrations. It's a fantastic and satisfying course that helps you look forward to the rest of the meal. What makes this particular recipe a lucky food to eat for the New Year is the ground pork balls that are swimming in the garlic and noodle soup.

Pork is a sign of progress while the noodles bring in long-life to whoever eats it. The round shape of the ground pork meatballs is an extra bonus, so you're not only trying to attract progress and long life but also fortune.    

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2 Homemade Chicken Balls And Corn Sopas Recipe

Not all soups are filling on their own but this sopas sure delivers on both the flavor and the heartiness. This sopas has the requisite elbow macaroni and chicken. It even has shredded cabbage in the soup to add that touch of leafy greens you want in your lucky food. There's no evaporated milk, so it is a lighter version in taste. 

However, it makes up for it easily. Sopas doesn't get heartier than the homemade chicken balls and the corn! 

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3 Shrimp Balls Recipe 

There are lots of fish in the sea, but other kinds of seafood is just as abundant, too. For this lucky recipe, shrimps are used to make these hearty shrimp balls, making these more fitting for serving on a platter than your mere fish ball.    

4 Grape Dessert Cups Recipe  

Make it easy to eat 12 grapes at midnight! Eating 12 grapes for the 12 months of the year will help lure luck to your side in the new year. So, plop 12 grapes per cup, spoon yogurt over each, and top the cups with slivered almonds for a dessert that's disguised to be lucky. 



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5 Tilapia Fish Cakes Recipe

Salmon might be the automatic fish you think of when you want fish cakes but that's not the only fish you can make into delicious patties. While a whole fish is a usual dish served at a new year table, fish not only attracts abundance but the shapes these cakes are in hopes you have an abundance of wealth, too.   


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6 Orange Bundt Cake Recipe   

This cake is shaped like a ring and just like other round shapes, the ring is also a lucky shape for the new year. While round shapes lure fortune, food shaped like rings like this bundt cake is claimed to help make the good luck come full circle back to you. If you want to really push your fortune, clean a coin and drop it into the cake batter before baking. The lucky one who fishes it from their slice of cake is said to have extra good fortune in the new year.   


There are many kinds of lucky food you can cook and serve for the new year but if you're saving room for good fortune, make food that is round and circle in shape to help fate smile upon you. 


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