Have You Tried Laguna Lumpia? This Is How They Make It Extra Delicious

In Laguna, this ingredient makes this lumpia sweeter.

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There are many kinds of lumpia recipes in the Philippines.

There is the meaty lumpiang Shanghai that no party is ever without, the fresh lumpiang ubod that is made of banana heart wrapped in a fresh lumpia wrapper, the lumpiang gulay or vegetable spring roll which is packed with togue or bean sprouts, the lumpiang hubad, a vegetable spring roll that does away with the wrapper all together, and of course, one can never forget the merienda favorite, the banana turon, which is your basic sweet lumpia recipe. 

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This Pinoy party staple is easy to make!

With so many kinds of lumpia one can make, it's no wonder that in Laguna, their basic lumpia recipe is a little different, too. Unlike most lumpia, the Laguna version is heartier, sweeter with this ingredient: kamote. It's a common ingredient in lumpiang hubad but not as much in the lumpiang gulay recipes since that version uses mostly togue. 

Kamote or orange sweet potatoes, are a favorite ingredient in lumpia.
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But in Laguna, it's the kamote that dominates every bite, and the resulting lumpia is more hearty than the northern Tagalog recipe. Since the kamote is sweet, it caters to people who have a sweet tooth. You don't even need a sauce for this! In fact, it's paired with a garlicky-soy sauce-vinegar mix that complements the sweetness of the kamote with its salty bite. 

What's so great about this recipe is that it's easy to make! Take your basic lumpiang gulay recipe and instead of using mostly togue, replace it or just half of the amount with slices of cooked kamote. If you have the kamoteng kahel, or the orange camote, that's even better since these are even sweeter than the white camote. Then, wrap it up in lumpia wrapper as you normally would, cook, and serve. (Don't forget the garlic soy sauce!) 

It's not every day that you will get to eat a Laguna lumpia but the next time you drop by the province and visit the palengke or a home in the south, don't be surprised if this delicious lumpia version is what you get. Better yet, tweak a lumpiang gulay recipe and add kamote. It may just become your favorite ingredient yet. 



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