Lumpia Is The Best Finger Food For Every Occasion

These are the lumpia recipes you will need every day, any day.

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Lumpia is a classic dish that's a common sight on most tables in Filipino homes, from everyday meals to the grandest parties. Whether it’s filled with humble vegetables or the juiciest meat, these simple rolls are enjoyed and beloved whatever the occasion. There are even recipes for the most decadent turon aka the dessert lumpia


The potential for fillings are endless, so here are all the lumpia recipes you will need for every type of craving or meal: 




1 Fresh Lumpia

This lumpia gets its name from the wrapper. It’s a freshly-made soft crepe that encases chopped up vegetables which then gets doused in a savory peanut sauce. The touch of green from the lettuce shows you exactly how fresh this lumpia is from its crisp fried cousins.


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This is a light but nutrient-filled side dish or snack.




2 Lumpiang Hubad

The rebel among the different varieties of lumpia, this version is the unwrapped version of all the lumpia variations. It completely ignores having a wrapper and instead, loads up on the flavor with as much filling and toppings as you can handle on a plate. 


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You have all the delicious ingredients that make a fresh lumpia in this dish!




3 Fried Lumpiang Shanghai

The classic lumpia, this is the version that made kids and adults alike love the crispy fried rolls that we dunk in our favorite sweet and sour sauce. Packed in each roll is a flavorful meaty center that remains juicy despite the crispy outside, a textural contrast that makes a satisfying crunch with every bite. 


Bite into these crunchy lumpiang shanghai!





4 Lumpiang Adobo

Two Pinoy classics meet in one dish. This recipe uses up leftover chicken and pork adobo as the filling of this flavorful lumpia. Adobo sauce is also used and is thickened to be reused as the dipping sauce of these rolls. 


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Use up any leftover adobo for this lumpia recipe!



5 Lumpiang Ubod

Ubod is the heart of the coconut palm tree and is the main ingredient of this delicious fresh (or fried) lumpia. It's deliciously fresh tasting with a crunch that remains despite being cooked, a great alternative to the usual fresh lumpia. 



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Palm spring rolls, chicken binakol, and other regional dishes were highlighted in the Kulinarya dinner series.

What makes these fresh ubod rolls extra delicious? We added chopped green onions to the lumpia batter. This simple addition gives the wrappers a fresh flavor.

These are great as an appetizer or as part of your main course.



6 Turon

Merienda time isn't complete without these banana fritters. Saba, tossed in brown sugar before being wrapped in a lumpia wrapper is deep fried until crispy, makes for the best end to any meal. It's sweet without being cloying that makes this snack a beloved one. Best of all, it can be made packed with your favorite fillings, from the global trending ube to the humble chocnut. 



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Make this merienda classic!

Add ube for a new take on everyone's favorite banana snack.

Make your kids' merienda extra special by serving them the classic turon but with a chocolate twist!



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