Here Are Delicious Lumpiang Gulay Recipes To Try

Try these veggie-loaded lumpia recipes.

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Whenever you see lumpia, the automatic thought is that it's going to be delicious. These are the ultimate party food made into handy rolls. You can never eat less than just one piece! 

Lumpia stuffed with vegetables are just as classic as those stuffed with meat. Lumpia can really be filled with any number of fillings! These are can range from the popular meaty filling such as the lumpiang Shanghai to the unexpected fillings that delight your taste buds with its flavor.  

To make delicious lumpiang gulay recipes, you have to start with vegetables you like eating. Whether those veggies are just bean sprouts or chockful of other vegetables, here are lumpiang gulay recipes to try: 

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1 Lumpiang Gulay Recipe 

If you want a lumpiang gulay recipe that is chockful of vegetables, this is it! This is loaded with carrots, cabbage, green beans or Baguio beans, and tofu. You can swap out the Baguio beans for sitaw or yard long beans if that's what available. It's also got two kinds of kamote or sweet potatoes in it, too, that's reminiscent of the Laguna-style of lumpia. Finally, it's served with a homemade spiced soy sauce-vinegar mix that has lots of garlic. 

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2 Lumpiang Togue Recipe  

Just like the lumpiang gulay recipe, this lumpia is loaded as well. However, it's got other vegetables in it too. These don't have kamote, but it is stuffed with togue, carrots, green beans, singkamas, and for added flavor, dried shrimp or hibe for some umami taste that will make this extra tasty.

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3 Lumpiang Buko Recipe  

Buko or coconut isn't your usual filling for lumpia but in Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija, there's this lumpia. It gives the lumpia a unique sweetness that isn't normally present in other lumpia recipes! 

This version substitutes the togue or bean sprouts in your usual veggie spring roll with the buko to give you a great vegetarian dish that's just as tasty and delicious. 

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4 Laguna-style Lumpia Recipe

There are so many lumpia recipes that there isn't any one basic recipe that everyone follows. In Laguna, their basic lumpia recipe is a little different in that it contains no bean sprouts or togue. Instead, it's the kamote that dominates every bite, and the resulting lumpia is more hearty than the northern Tagalog recipe. 

What is your favorite lumpia recipe that is more veggie than meaty? 


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