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No lumpia is meatier than these!

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If carnivores had their way, all dishes would be made of meat! That's why there are lumpia and then there is the meaty version of the lumpia or the lumpiang Shanghai.

What's the difference you ask? Let's talk lumpia.  

Lumpia or more internationally known as fried spring rolls are commonly stuffed with many ingredients. These ingredients may or may not include meat but the majority of these ingredients are actually vegetables. That might explain why these are called spring roll since these are commonly eaten during the "spring" or the Chinese New Year where it's part of the dim sum platters. These are appetizers and are not meant to be that filling. (That's what the main dishes are for!) Besides, having different kinds of vegetables is a great sign of a bountiful harvest and thus, prosperity and wealth.     

However, there's another kind of fried Asian rolls that are meatier than the spring rolls: egg rolls. Spring rolls are different from egg rolls since egg rolls are frequently stuffed with more meat than their more vegetarian counterparts. 


This is how the lumpiang shanghai is different from the lumpia. Just like egg rolls are different from spring rolls, lumpiang shanghai differs from your normal lumpia because of the kind of filling stuffed into themIf you think about it, lumpiang shanghai are the egg rolls made popular in Chinese-American restaurants.      

Now that you know the difference between your everyday lumpia and the lumpiang shanghai, here are the different ways you can make your meaty lumpia:  

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1 Classic Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe 

When it comes to classic lumpiang shanghai, this recipe is the one to turn to. Ground pork and ground shrimp are stuffed into these rolls but to add a lightness to these rolls. These also include some carrots, celery, carrots, kinchay, and singkamas, too, for a flavorful and crunchy bite. 

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Photo by Bianca Laxamana

2 Easy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe 

Did you know you can ditch all that chopping and mincing with the push of a button? You can! Making lumpiang shanghai can be a tedious recipe with all the ingredients that are in it but you can avoid doing all that work by using either a food processor or a grater. 

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3 Easy Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

If there was an easy lumpia to make, it would be using meat that you didn't even have to cook. Canned food, especially canned tuna, has made its way into people's hearts and it's no wonder! This easy, meaty fish is automatically delicious! All you need to make it even better is to mix it with other flavorful ingredients and stuff it into lumpia wrapper. You can make it even more irresistible with a savory and luscious sauce to dip it into. 


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4 Cheesy Pork and Shrimp Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe 

Who doesn't like their food a little cheesier? We sure do and this is what this meaty lumpia seeks to achieve. This is a classic meaty combo of ground pork and finely chopped shrimp but what makes it different from the classic lumpiang shanghai is the savory and gooey cheese that's added to the meat mix.     

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5 Fish Lumpiang Shanghai Recipes

Tuna is an easy fish to use for many meals but there are other fish out there that are just as delicious and meaty! These fish lumpia recipes are some of the simplest lumpia recipes you may encounter but these are certainly not lacking in meatiness nor flavor. 

Want to amplify the flavor in your fish lumpia? The smokiness of the smoked golden bangus used in these rolls is a surefire way of making sure that each of these fried rolls becomes a memorable bite! 

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6 Beef Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

When it comes to meat, beef surely is the king of meatiness. For this recipe, it's just as meaty and flavorful as your usual pork lumpiang shanghai but the beef adds another flavor that no other meat can compete with. Certified carnivores will love this beef version!   

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Longganisa Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe 

How much meatier can you make your lumpia when you stuff a super flavorful longganisa in it? For anyone who loves their savory longganisa but hate forming the longganisa, this is a great compromise. You not only get a wrapper that becomes super crispy, but it's still got the meatiness you want in your breakfast sausage.    

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What other meats can you think of trying to stuff into lumpia wrappers? How about some chorizo or other kinds of longganisa? We're all for it! It's the super meatiness of these lumpia that makes these stand out! Which recipe are you going to try out first? 



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