Luncheon Meat Idea: Add It To Your Instant Noodles!

Add heft to instant noodles with canned goods.

IMAGE Trixie Zabal-Mendoza

Is luncheon meat one of your favorite canned goods? It's easy to turn it into a quick breakfast meal (just fry it and eat with rice!), or add veggies and make it a no-fail palaman, or even turn it into "caramelized fries". But have you ever thought about adding it to your instant noodle bowl?

Give heft and make your merienda (or meal) more filling by adding crisp fried luncheon meat pieces to your bowl of instant noodles. Because instant noodles doesn't really have meat in it, you can turn to luncheon meat to add texture and flavors to your noodle bowl. You can also add in a soft-boiled egg or furikake or strips of dried seaweed.

How to do it?

  1. 1 Slice luncheon meat in your preferred size. You may slice in cubes or strips, too.
  1. 2 Fry to your desired crispness.
  1. 3 Add in to cooked instant noodles just before serving.

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