5 Days' Worth of Make-Ahead Breakfasts That You Can Prep in 1 Hour

Say goodbye the breakfast-less mornings!

On many days, breakfast is difficult to prep. Looking to save those precious minutes for extra sleep? Use up 1 hour on Sunday to all the prep work ahead of time. From Monday through Friday, you will have worry-free, ready-to-cook (or ready-to-eat) breakfasts for completely fuss-free mornings.


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No more stressful mornings when breakfast is already prepped and ready to cook.


Here’s how we did it: the mini frittatas take a total of 24 minutes to make, overnight oats will only take 5 minutes to prep, sausage patties only take 10 minutes to prep, fried rice will take up 5 minutes of chopping ingredients, and hash brown patties will only take 10 minutes of prep work. That’s a total of 54 minutes!


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Fritattas can keep in your refrigerator for days, overnight oats will not need any cooking in the morning, and the rest of the dishes and prepped ingredients can be kept in the freezer or refrigerator until you need to cook them on a weekday morning. This breakfast menu will come out pretty cheap, too! If you’re shopping for yourself, each dish will cost less than P50 to make. You’ll be saving on both time and money—it’s a win-win gameplan!





Mini Fiesta Frittatas

These are simple: just mix and bake! You can keep these mini frittatas in your ref until you need to eat them. 

Cost per serving: P21.50


If your mornings are always rushed, then this is perfect. Prep this in the evening, mix and bake in the morning.




Banana Chia Overnight Oats

Seriously, overnight oats make mornings much easier. Take 5 minutes to prep a jar at night, and wake up to breakfast that doesn't need any more cooking. 

Cost per serving: P33.00


Fuel your day with a healthy meal.





Homemade Mini Sausages Recipe

Shape these sausages ahead of time and keep them frozen until you need to cook them. 

Cost per serving: P48.75


These pork sausages can be shaped into patties for fuss-free cooking.




Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice Recipe

There is nothing easier than fried rice! This dish comes together in a matter of minutes. 

Cost per serving: P32.00


Add a breakfast favorite to your kimchi fried rice!





Baked Hash Brown Patties

Rushing? You can also fry these hash browns instead of baking them. 

Cost per serving: P18.00


We like this sandwiched between buns with cheese, eggs, and ham, a burger patty, sausage, or bacon!



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