Delicious Ways To Use Mango That's Not Dessert

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Mangoes are sweet fruits that have reputation for being the start of delicious desserts. Anything with mango in it can be an instant hit! 

If you have mangoes in your kitchen and want to know what else you can do with it other than dessert, you're not alone. There are a few kinds of mangoes you can find available in the market and these are all incredibly sweet. That can make it a hard ingredient to use if you're thinking of using it in savory dishes. Next to dessert, salads may be the only other way you know how to use mangoes in recipes that isn't a dessert.  

However, using mangoes for savory dishes can be done with delicious results! Here are ways you can use mangoes that you might not have thought to try: 

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1 Add to salsa.  

It's a salad but it's a topping to dishes that can elevate a normal dish into a super appetizing one. The mangoes deliver a fantastic fruity sweetness to the salsa that melds well with the heat of the habañeros, the tanginess of the tomatoes and citrus juices, and the refreshing herbs. Top simple steamed fish, serve it on the side of pork chops, or grab tortilla corn chips for a snack to enjoy munching on while binge-watching.    

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2 Make it into soup! 

Did you know you could make soup without even turning on the stove or using the oven? You can! l you need is a blender or a food processor and the ingredients to make it delicious. Gazpacho is a fantastic soup that is made in this way. This mango version is sweet and savory at the same time. Feel free to serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches just like you would if it were made with tomatoes.  


3 Turn it into a glaze or sauce. 

Sauces and glazes can be what saves a boring dish! The burst of flavor from these oft-ignored accompaniments to dishes can save your dish. It's usually easy to make and the finished dish gets a fresh flavor that isn't common in the ingredients in the dish itself. Mangoes are easily mashed and pureed so it's easy to add this ingredient instead of sugar for a brighter, fresh flavor. 

Serve it on the side, beside the main course, or tossed in the glaze to make sure every part of the meat is covered with the glaze or sauce. 


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4 Stuff it into sandwiches. 

Sandwiches can be super simple. However, sometimes we want something that's better, more flavorful than just simple. For a blast of sweetness that you didn't expect, add sliced mangoes in between your bun or bread slices! It's fantastic when stuffed with chicken slices.    

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5 Make curry. 

Curry is loaded with spices and it's usually a delicious combination of many flavors. Add mango to the curry to give it a sweetness that's complementary. Mangoes are delicious when paired with spices and these recipes prove it. Add shrimps or prawns for delicious and complementary meat with the curry mango sauce or use it to toss chicken for a delicious open-faced toast loaded with flavor. 


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