Marinate Overnight for Really Great Fried Chicken!

It's a simple cooking trick that has a great payoff.

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Crunchy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside fried chicken is a beautiful thing. There’s a secret to getting it right every time, and it’s simpler than you think!


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Follow these helpful tips to make a batch of really good and crispy fried chicken at home!


While the classic bone-in chicken part makes up a great dish, fried chicken also covers iterations of the classic:  fried chicken fingers made with breast fillets or golden fried chicken nuggets made with thigh fillets. Understandably, chicken fillets have the tendency to dry out quickly compared to bone-in chicken cuts.


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The secret to keeping chicken meat juicy, even when deep-fried and boneless, is to let it sit overnight in a lightly acidic marinade. These include: buttermilk, yogurt, and canned pineapple juice. Buttermilk and yogurt have enzymes that are able to break down protein to tenderize, while pineapple juice is a light enough acid to tenderize without crossing the point of toughening up the meat from too much acid.


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Remember to pat your chicken dry after marinating before dipping it into flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs to get that perfectly golden and crisp crust. Here are a few video tutorials you can watch to make perfect fried chicken:



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