Cooking for a Family of Four? This P3,000 Weekly Meal Plan Only Uses 30-Minute Recipes

It's possible to make 3 meals a day for 5 days and keep your weekly grocery bill at a minimum.

Cooking for a family is no easy feat. Picky eaters aside, a home cook must shop smart and cook smart to make the most of his or her weekly grocery haul. We cross-checked prices among several grocery stores in Manila (we have tips on where to find the cheapest prices!) to come up with a nutritious, delicious meal plan to get you through the week. 


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It's possible! We rounded up a whole week's worth of budget recipes for you.


Choose your cuts of meat well: splurge on the essential sirloin and tenderloin cuts for super-quick stir-fried dishes, but save money on cheaper cuts of pork belly and fish fillets, too. 


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You can make a special lunch with simple ingredients for under P700!


Here is a weekly meal plan that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner using only 30-minute recipes. A quick tip for prepping breakfast: either make it the night before, or maximize a large loaf of bread and get creative with toast toppings! Can you believe we kept this meal plan under P3,000, too? 




Breakfast: Bangus Salpicao


You can whip up this flavorful breakfast in only 15 minutes! 


Cost for 4 servings: P223.00

Swap out beef tenderloin for a bangus fillet for a new take on the Pinoy favorite.


Lunch: Pepper Steak Stir-Fry

No time to marinate? Flavor your stir-fried dishes with lots of spices and pepper. 


Cost for 4 servings: P256.00

This easy stir-fry dish is peppery and oh-so easy to make!


Dinner: Pan-Fried Sole Fillets

Keep dinner light with quick and easy pan-fried fish fillets.



Cost for 4 servings: P190.00

Serve this 15-minute fish recipe over steamed brown rice or al dente noodles.





Breakfast: Avocado Toast

This breakfast is packed with carbs, protein, and healthy fat. Power through the day! 


Cost for 4 servings: P167.30

Avocados are a great way to start your morning!


Lunch: Fried Calamansi Pork Chops Recipe 

Squeeze calamansi over your chops for a quick but effective marinade.



Cost for 4 servings: P152.50

A splash of calamansi gives these pork chops a surprising tartness.


Dinner: Chicken with Tausi Sauce Recipe

Looking for creative ways on how to use black beans? Make a sauce out of them. 


Cost for 4 servings: P150.00

This simple chicken recipe highlights how salted black beans can bring out the flavor of simple dishes.




Breakfast: Dulong Omelet Recipe (Tortang Dulong)

This breakfast packs a flavor punch because of the salty fish. 



Cost for 4 servings: P144.75

Dried silverfish, otherwise known as dulong, makes this omelette burst with the flavors of the sea!


Lunch: Pan-Fried Chicken with Calamansi Sauce

There's nothing quicker than putting together a pan-fried dish! Plus, who doesn't love fried chicken?


Cost for 4 servings: P188.80

This creamy, tangy, savory, 30-minute pan-fried chicken recipe is perfect for weeknights.


Dinner: Fried Pork Adobo Recipe

This adobo doesn't need hours to come together on a stove. All this needs is a quick fry over the stovetop.



Cost for 4 servings: P186.00

With only four main ingredients. this quick fix can be ready in only a few minutes!




Breakfast: Cinnamon French Toast Rolls

Looking for a fun way to serve breakfast? Make these French toast rolls!


Cost for 4 servings: P113.00

Breakfast is a lot more fun when the kids are in on the prep!


Lunch: Liempo with Garlic Honey Marinade Recipe

Here's a tip: you can keep the meat marinated in a bag in the refrigerator up to 3 days before you need to cook it. 



Cost for 4 servings: P185.80

This pan-fried liempo recipe is packed with lots of garlicky flavor!



Dinner: Pinoy-Style Crispy Fried Chicken

One whole chicken can feed up to 4 to 6 people and doesn't cost much, either. 


Cost for 4 servings: P159.50

Turn to this easy beef recipe on busy days. You only need a few pantry staples!





Breakfast: PB & J Toast with Apples

Keep breakfast simple. Apples add a refreshing crunch to toast and sandwiches. 



Cost for 4 servings: P118.90

A PBJ french toasted stuffed with apples!


Lunch: Chicken Teriyaki with Sweet Corn Rice Recipe

This recipe is baon-friendly because of the sweet chicken marinade. 


Cost for 4 servings: P188.40

Pair your favorite chicken dish with sweet corn rice!


Dinner: Pork and Scallion Stir-Fry Recipe

Keep your Friday night dinner quick, simple, and tasty. Pork tenderloin makes a great option for stir-fries because the meat stays soft even when cooked over high temperatures.



Cost for 4 servings: P219.00

Use pork tenderloin for this quick stir-fry!


Pantry Staples:


Salt (500 g) = P11.50

Ground black pepper (16 g) = P16.00

Cooking oil (620 ml) = P56.00

White vinegar (200 ml) = P40.00

Soy sauce (1 L) = P49.50


Total Estimated Cost: P2,812.95



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Are dinner dates out getting too pricey? These dishes cost as little as P54 per serving!

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Each serving costs less than P100!

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