Make Meals Using Canned Tuna For Less Than P50 per Serving!

Affordable, delicious and nutritious, get to eat canned tuna every day without getting sick of it.

Canned tuna is affordable and packed with protein. It's such a versatile ingredient that it can make food prepping a lot easier. But having it over and over again the same way can get boring. Completely transform that simple pantry staple into new dishes, each with their own unique taste and texture, for only P50 per serving:


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All you need is a can, bottle, or jar from the supermarket.



Tuna Bake Pasta

P47 per serving

Tuna, mushroom, and cheese come together for this creamy, flavorful pasta dish. You’ll enjoy every bite!


Upgrade your usual tuna pasta with a little crunch.





Tuna Roll-Ups Recipe

P49 per serving

You can put together these cheesy tuna bites for baon or merienda. With every bite you get spices, tuna, cheese and crunchy cucumber.

Make these easy tuna roll-ups for baon!




Tuna Sisig

P35 per serving

All the flavors you love in sisig without the tedious meal prep and the cholesterol. You probably have everything in your refridgerator now.


Ditch delivery! Just dump this on a steaming bowl of rice for resto food at home.





Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai

P32.58 per serving

Using canned tuna for this recipe makes it so much less of a hassle to make! You can also surprise your family once they bite down and discover the delicious twist in this dish. 


Surprise everyone with this take on lumpia: tuna is used in the creamy filling!




Tuna Burger Recipe

P23 per serving/sandwich 

This is a steal for something so delicious! Using pandesal makes it more cost-effective without scrimping on flavor. 


Tuna salad in your burger patties?






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You can use canned tuna in pasta, sandwiches, and fried rice dishes.

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No need to drive out or call for delivery, you can absolutely make tuna pies at home!


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