This Meatless Meal Plan Covers One Whole Week of Dinners

We rounded up a week's worth of meat-free recipes!

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Cutting back on your meat intake in the next few weeks? There are plenty of ways to cook delicious, flavorful, meatless meals at home. Our fastest hacks? Stock up on mushrooms, tofu, and vegetables and you’re good to go.



Vegetarian Bolognese

This chunky bolognese is made with different kinds of vegetables. It's just as delicious and filling! 


Here's a vegetarian version of the classic bolognese pasta recipe.



Tofu Steak Tagalog

Marinating your tofu adds a whole lot of flavor to this dish. Instead of the usual beef steak, try using tofu or even fish fillet. 


Here's an easy dish that requires only pantry staples, so it's perfect for busy weeknights.



Mushroom Tapa

Filipino tapa is addictive: simple pantry ingredients marry salty, sweet, sour, and savory flavors into one dish. Oyster mushroom make a good substitute for beef.


This is a vegetarian recipe for the classic Filipino beef tapa!



Tofu with Soy-Ginger Sauce

This dish is a mix of everything: tofu, mushrooms, greens, and rice. The ginger sauce is a winner! 


Elevate fried tofu with an oriental sauce studded with fresh mushrooms and ginger. Pair it with bowls of steamed rice.




Mushroom Salpicao

Go meatless with this version of salpicao that uses shiitake mushrooms instead of beef. It still delivers on flavor! 


Go meatless with this version of salpicao that uses shiitake mushrooms instead of beef.



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These vegetable recipes are favorites for a reason: they are as delicious as they are healthy!

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Easy fish fillet recipes are the stars of this 5-day meal plan!


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