5 Surprising Tips for Cooking in Your Microwave Oven

The mighty microwave is one of the most used kitchen appliances out there!

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Microwave ovens may not look like much, but they are one of the most handy kitchen appliances you can own. Convenience is something many homeowners and establishments look out for, and since this appliance is all about that, you’ll see the microwave everywhere: condos, apartments, dorm hallways, and office pantries.


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Here are easy steps to take when cleaning this handy kitchen appliance.


Knowing how to use one is a must when it comes to microwave ovens—both for the safety of the user and for him or her to maximize this powerful kitchen tool. Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to cooking and reheating food in a microwave:


1 Stir in between bursts of heating.

Microwaves do not reheat evenly—you will often come back to your food sizzling or steaming on the outside only to find out halfway in between eating your meal that it was still cold in the middle. When you are reheating food, say, a cold office packed lunch, it is best to reheat it in bursts. Try 30-second or 1-minute bursts with quick stirs in between.


2 Never use foil.

Always use microwave-friendly dishes. Flip your favorite casseroles over and check the labels to be sure. Never reheat or cook food in a foil dish or in a dish covered in foil—the foil will heat up too quickly and may cause a fire.


3 Desserts are possible.

Have you ever made a cake in a mug?


You can use your microwave to make cake!


Cook mug cakes in bursts and check the consistency every once in a while to make sure it doesn’t overcook. You can even leave the middle of the cake soft and gooey!



4 Steam your vegetables.

This one is easy—all you have to do is place your veggies (chopped carrots or green beans) in a microwave-friendly dish, add a splash of water, cover, and heat on high for 3 to 4 minutes.


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Steam veggies in 4 short minutes or less. See how it's done!


5 Disinfect your sponges and cutting boards after cooking.

Both sponges and cutting boards come into contact with raw food, or raw meat especially. You can easily disinfect them by soaking them in water (with a splash of vinegar), and heat on high for 1 minute.


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Microwave magic! You can do more than just reheat dishes!


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