More Ulam Recipes Using Pork Giniling

Tired of your usual giniling na baboy recipes?

Giniling na baboy is the most common ground meat you will find from your local butcher. This mix is notorious for being fatty but that’s not always a bad thing. Fat ensures that the resulting dish you make with this giniling mix is tender, tasty, and best of all, flavorful. That’s because fat is flavor.  

You probably already know how to cook ground pork but did you know that there is a shortcut to cooking flavorful ground pork without having to cook all the meat? Chris Morocco in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen used this shortcut method when he cooked a spicy pork dish on the episode “Chris Makes Spicy-Sweet Sambal Pork Noodles”.

Here’s what he did and why: 

  1. 1 When ready to cook the ground pork, he first heated oil in a medium pot. (He used olive oil since that was his preference. You can, too, or you can take his recommendation and us canola or any vegetable oil.) 
  2. 2 Once hot, he adds only half the ground meat mixture in small portions to not crowd the pan. 
  3. 3 Then he leaves the meat alone until the meat is browned and seared on one side before turning the browned meat in the pot over.
  4. 4 He leaves it alone for several more minutes to sear and brown again until the ground meat is more cooked through. 
  5. 5 He also lets the pork cook until the juices are reduced and eventually cooked through. 
  6. 6 He then adds the aromatics (ginger, garlic, etc) to the browned meat, gives it a stir for a few seconds, then adds the rest of the raw ground meat in just to cook.  

This seemingly last-minute addition of the remaining ground meat is what’s unique about this technique. You do not have to spend time browning all the meat if you can brown half the meat well since that part has the flavor you want. 


Morocco says that’s why the initial sear when the ground pork first browns in the hot oil “is so critical” since that’s when you develop the flavor. After that, you have the base of your dish that will have a delicious meaty flavor. 

Tired of your usual giniling na baboy recipe? Try this technique with these leveled-up ulam ideas for your next meal. 

1 Spicy Caramelized Ground Pork Recipe 

If you love the sweet caramelized sugar flavor that you’ll find in leche flan, then you’ll love that this ground pork recipe uses a similar method to make it sweet and delicious! This makes a sweet-savory sauce from the brown sugar and patis or fish sauce to flavor the ground pork. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

2 Veggie-Topped Shepherd’s Pie Recipe 

Ratatouille is a French vegetable dish that is made of various vegetables simmered in a rich tomato stew. This shepherd’s pie uses the vegetables and the flavors of that dish to create a delicious gorgeous Instagramable dish that you will be excited to dig into. There’s a flavorful ground meat mixture under that orderly circle of sliced vegetables! 


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Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Ground Meat Stroganoff Recipe 

You can use beef but who says you can’t use pork for this easy pasta dish? The meat is flavored just the same and the ingredients of the creamy tangy sauce are also still there. You won’t miss the flavors of the mushroom sauce in this dish and it cooks in half the time! Win-win! 

Photo by Rico Jose

4 Ground Pork With Tofu Stir Fry Recipe 

This ground pork dish may look simple enough to make but the flavor is all in the pork! There’s a kick from the chili-garlic sauce and the color is darkened from the salty soy sauce. It’s the perfect pairing for simple green bean and fried tokwa chunks so you will have a complete meal every time. 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

5 Picadillo Cubano Recipe

This is a classic picadillo recipe. What makes this different from other picadillo is that it’s got lots of bell peppers in the dish. Plus, instead of being served as the filling for tacos, pastries like empanadas, or croquettes, this is meant to be eaten with lots of steamed white rice! Switch out the beef and use pork for an easy ingredient swap and add quail eggs on top. You can even toss this mixt with pasta for Mexican-inspired pasta dish! 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

6 Ground Pork and Green Beans in Spicy Coconut Sauce Recipe 

This dish is also known by another name: gising-gising. Instead of sitaw or string beans, this uses Baguio green beans and instead of the beans being the star of the dish, it’s the ground pork that makes this super meaty and delicious. The spicy sweetness of the gata or coconut milk sauce is the clincher that makes this irresistible! 


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