Here's What You Should Prepare For Your Mom: 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, Or Overnight

This mother's day, prepare to celebrate her with dishes you know you'll get on the table on time.

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Whether you have all night, an hour, or a mere 30 minutes to cook something, here are the dishes we think you should put on the table to celebrate your mom and make her feel special:


30 Minutes:

Even if all you have is 30 minutes, you can still make something that will have her loving every bite of these delicious dishes. 




Cheesy Baked Salmon


If your mom loves salmon, you'll want to make her this dish. Not only is this a fast and easy recipe to make in 30 minutes, it's absolutely delicious. It's cheesy, it's salmon, and it's all baked in one pan. 


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Bacon-Wrapped Beef 

Steak is a crowd pleaser, and how else will you celebrate your mother than with the best-tasting cut of beef you can offer? This beef is wrapped in bacon, so it not only lends its flavor to beef as it cooks, it keeps the beef moist, too. Serve this with her favorite side dish.  



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Soy-Calamansi Tuna Belly 

There's no need to miss the food of the provinces if you can bring it straight to your table. Use the freshest tuna belly for this dish so each spoonful is a taste of the sea with a hint of citrus and saltiness from the calamansi and soy sauce.  



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Pinoy Eggs Benedict

Thinking of surprising Mom with breakfast in bed? This Pinoy-inspired Eggs Benedict should have her sitting up and taking notice of the wonderful meal you've put together.   


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Chicken Alfredo Pasta 

This 20-minute pasta recipe is loaded with chicken chunks tossed in an extra creamy and cheesy sauce. If your mom loves creamy pasta dishes, this is one recipe she'll love and love you even more for preparing it for her.



1 Hour:  

An hour is more than enough time to get a delicious dish on the table! By exerting a little more time and effort to a meal, you can produce any of these dishes in record time. 





Breaded Salmon with Lemon Cream Sauce 

Go the extra mile with this stunning salmon main dish to present to Mom. You not only get a superior crunch on the top of the salmon, the lemon cream sauce is the perfect accompaniment to serve with it. It's so rich and tasty, you might need another serving of salmon. 





Golden Fried Chicken

Fried chicken isn't just for the kids and kids-at-heart. This particular recipe has a secret ingredient that not only makes it even more decadent than your usual fried chicken. That ingredient: melted butter. You'll want to use real butter for this recipe so your mom can dunk the chicken to her heart's desire.  


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Planning a menu for mother's day can be difficult but if you have overnight to prepare something for your mother on her special day, these are the recipes you should list down so you can get all your ingredients ready the night before. Then, it's just completing the final touches and serving to mom the next day. These show-stoppers take time to prepare but she'll love that time and effort was exerted so she can have a great meal. 




Tapa Eggs Benedict

The great thing with eggs is that it's highly versatile. Another Pinoy version of the beloved brunch meal takes a while to prep yet will still result in a delicious version that you can boast was all made from scratch. Do these the night before so minimal cooking is done the morning after: Cook the poached eggs until the whites are firm then store in cold water in the refrigerator. Cook the marinated beef before storing. Then, just gently reheat the eggs and tapa, toast the pandesal, and make the hollandaise fresh. If all that effort is not showing your mom some love, we don't know what is. 


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Aug 22, 2014




Egg Pie

Let your mom revisit the flavors of her childhood with this egg pie. You'll need to chill it completely overnight so each bite is one that lets her revisit the creamy experience she originally had when she had her first bite of this Pinoy custard pie.


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Chicken Parmesan

The trick to a fast and easy prep is to bread and cook the chicken cutlets the night before and then, an hour before it's ready to serve, put it all together in a baking dish and roast in a preheated oven until the cheese is melted and the breaded chicken fillets are heated through. Great served with simply buttered pasta, steamed rice, or on its own for a truly decadent meal that Mom can eat any way she likes on the day that's meant to celebrate her.  






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