4 Popular Kinds Of Bananas + Easy Banana Recipes To Make

Go bananas over these delicious desserts.
banoffee pie with graham crust whipped cream caramel bananas and shaved chocolate

Bananas are sweet, creamy, make a delicious snack, accessible and best of all, available all year. From the Cavendish to the saba, there is a banana out there that makes the best snack for you. And since we know not everyone has an oven, we’ve compiled all the banana recipes that require no baking at all.

There are four popular varieties of bananas available in the Philippines: the Cavendish, Lakatan, Latundan, and the Saba. While the lakatan and latundan are almost interchangeable in most recipes, these recipes are listed according to the best type of banana for the recipe, so whatever the variety of banana you have on hand, we are sure you can find one that will appeal to your banana-loving heart. 

1 The long Cavendish

cavendish banana
This banana is called the Cavendish.
Photo by Adobe Stock

The Cavendish banana is the longest among the popular banana varieties with a sunshine yellow peel and flesh that is incredibly sweet, both in taste and aroma. It’s great as a snack or when used to make the filling of a banofee pie, cream pies, or layered desserts made from cake, bananas, and pudding. These do not require any cooking! 


Banana Cream Pie Recipes 


The Banoffee pie is the modern banana pie. It’s a graham cracker crust filled with bananas slathered in dulce de leche, covered with whipped cream, and topped with chocolate curls. It’s a refrigerator cake made popular served with a piping hot mug of coffee. Merienda, anyone? 

Here are a few more luscious banana-centric pies that you might want to try making:   

2 The popular Lakatan and Latundan

lakatan banana
The Lakatan is more yellow than the pudgier Latundan banana.
Photo by Shutterstock

Pinoys are more familiar with the Lakatan (also spelled Lacatan) and the Latundan bananas. Both are shorter than the Cavendish, with thinner peels but either is just as sweet, especially when allowed to fully ripen. Both look very similar in appearance with the Latundan looking pudgier or stockier than the more slender Lakatan which is more yellow in color. Since either is interchangeable in recipes, either is delicious eaten as is or mashed and added to desserts such as banana cakes and bread. 


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Banana Bread Recipes  

banana bread sliced on parchment paper on wire rack
Photo by Flickr

Banana bread has to be the most common baking recipe to make when bananas have become overripe and begin to sport black spots all over their yellow skin. But the great thing with bananas is that the riper it is, the sweeter it gets, so overripe bananas make the best-tasting banana desserts.

But if banana bread isn’t what you’re looking to make using your bananas, here are some sweet banana recipes that won’t be out of place at any time of the day, even for breakfast. 

3 The Short Saba

saba banana
The saba banana is more squarish in shape than other bananas.
Photo by Adobe Stock

Simply fried or simmered in a sugar syrup, the short green-peeled saba needs to be cooked before it can be eaten if it’s not yet ripe. But it keeps its shape when cooked so any dessert with the saba requires minimal cooking, has minimal ingredients (because it’s usually already sweetened), and makes probably the easiest desserts to put together, just like this minatamis recipe. 


Minatamis na Saging Recipe 


But there are other more classic ways we Pinoys prepare the saba, and sweetened bananas or minatamis na saging is one of the easiest ways to cook and serve it. Eat as is, add ice, or try any of these other classic Pinoy desserts that feature the hearty saba


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