Here's The Easy, No-Bake Way to Make Crema De Fruta

You can make this Filipino dessert in a matter of minutes.

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Crema de fruta is a classic Filipino dessert with three layers: a soft sponge cake, creamy vanilla custard, and fruit cocktail that is set in gelatin. Because each layer requires the use of completely different recipes, this dessert can turn out to be a little more time-consuming than you would expect it to be. Here's a basic recipe you can take a look at:

Need an easy hack to making this dessert sans the baked cake layer? All you have to do is do one simple ingredient swap. Purchase a box of broas or ladyfingers in the grocery.

You are probably thinking: why would you use crunchy and crumbly broas for a sponge cake layer that's supposed to be soft? All you have to do is quickly dip each broas (do not soak them) into the reserved syrup from your can of fruit cocktail. Place the broas quickly on your dish before it gets too soft to handle. The broas will soften up into a texture similar to that of a freshly baked sponge cake.


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Assemble the dessert in the following order: syrup-dipped broas, vanilla custard, fruit cocktail, and gelatin or gulaman for a finishing touch. This dessert hack will, with no doubt, save you at least 1 hour of prep time. Easy, right?

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