For New Cooks: Easy Recipes That Will Boost Your Confidence

These are no-fail recipes!

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Kitchen newbies will be much more successful if they are confident in the recipe they are making. It's the confidence that will make any dish they're cooking more tasty and delicious. Many experienced cooks (and bakers!) believe that what you're feeling when making a dish affects the end result! 

What can make a new cook confident? It has to be tried and tested recipes that are both easy and delicious. There is nothing like no-fail recipes for new cooks to make to encourage them to keep on cooking! 

Here are our favorite easy recipes for kitchen newbies to try: 

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1 Malunggay and Corn Soup Recipe 

Three main ingredients are all you need to make this simple soup: chicken stock, fresh corn, and fresh malunggay leaves. The onions give this dish more flavor but you can remove it if desired or add sliced garlic to boost the heart-warming quality of this soup. 

Want to give it a leveled-up twist? Beat an egg and then slowly pour it into the simmering soup to create the egg strands swimming in the soup!  

Photo by Majoy Siason
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2 Breaded Pork Chop Recipe 

Pork chops sliced thinly from the meat shop are made to cook fast! So it's no surprise that this breaded pork chop is fast and easy to make. It will make anyone who is still learning to fry feel like a pro! You can even try to jazz up the breading with a bit of Parmesan cheese from a canister for an extra boost in umami.  

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3 Easy Stir Fried Bean Sprouts Recipe

Side dishes are easy to cook especially when it doesn't need much time on the stove. This quick stir-fried togue dish is perfect for teaching you the value of having all your ingredients prepared and ready to add to the pan. Plus, since it takes just minutes to cook, you don't need to rush and sweat over how much longer it will take to serve. 

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4 Fried Chicken Recipes

Any good cook knows how to cook chicken so if you're learning how to cook, this is a recipe you need to master! After all, who doesn't love a good fried chicken, especially when it's lovingly homemade and fresh from the fryer? 

You'll need to learn how to deep fry in a pot or a deep pan to make this recipe a success, so put on your brave face because you need to pay attention while cooking. There should be little to no oil splatters happening when you start frying if you follow the steps carefully. You'll be glad you did when you emerge with a plate full of delicious fried chicken without a burn on you! 

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5 Calamansi Fish Fillet Recipe 

Fish fillets are the easiest kind of fish to work with. There are no bones to worry about and these are commonly already filleted and ready to cook as soon as you get home! That's why it's easy as well as to overcook but the beauty of this recipe is that it's super simple that making it flavorful and cooking won't take too long. Plus, the little bit of moisture from the calamansi juice ensures that it won't dry out. 

You can even try this method using pork chops, too! 

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Tahong na Tinola Recipe 

When it comes to seafood, fish is usually the most common one to cook. However, did you know that it's easy to cook tahong? Mussels are easy to cook because it's all about the prep! The prepping of  tahong is made easy as well if you get your tahong from a reputable seller. If you do, your tahong are probably already cleaned and any beards still visible can be removed with a pull or two from a kitchen towel. These should be ready for the pot! 

It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to cook once the aromatics are in and the little water added is brought to a boil.  

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