WATCH: On the Holiday Menu: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Orange-Rosemary Sauce

Offer this take on duck a l'orange, a classic French dish, to your diners.
WATCH: On the Holiday Menu: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Orange-Rosemary Sauce

This holiday season, why not transport your diners to France—but without having to break the bank? Add this French favorite to the menu: The original duck a l’orange is roast duck served with orange sauce. 


As the chef or restaurateur, you can either go all-authentic and use duck breast, or go practical and use chicken breast instead. Here’s a more cost-effective yet still gourmet recipe from Unilever Food Solutions: Instead of roasted duck, use pan-roasted chicken breast flavored with Knorr Aromat Seasoning. Then, add orange-flavored brown sauce made with Knorr Demi Glace.


Pan-roasted chicken with orange-rosemary sauce is best paired with a siding of seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes made from Knorr Mashed Potato Mix. For the complete recipe, watch this video.







45 ml (3 tbsp.) olive oil

2 pcs. chicken breast fillet (around 250 grams per fillet)

Knorr Aromat and white pepper for seasoning


For the glaze 

60 ml (4 tbsp.) honey

1 pc. star anise

15 ml (1 tbsp.) orange juice concentrate

Pinch of allspice

30 ml (2 tbsp.) water


For the sauce 

50 grams Knorr Demi Glace (diluted in 600 ml water, cooked to manufacturer’s directions)

5 grams (2 tsp.) fresh or dried rosemary (lightly toasted and chopped)

60 ml (4 tbsp.) orange juice concentrate

60 ml (¼ cup) water

12 pcs. orange supremes



480 grams (2 cups) Prepared Knorr Mashed Potato, portioned into ½ cup measures

Selection of seasonal vegetables, blanched, glazed in butter, and seasoned with Knorr Aromat

Microgreens and fresh herbs for garnish



1.  Combine the honey, star anise, orange juice concentrate, and water in a sauce pot and warm through. Set aside. This will serve as a glaze for the chicken breast.

2.  Heat olive oil in a saute pan. Season the chicken breast and sear skin, side down first, until brown. Turn over and sear the other side.

3.  While searing the other side of the chicken breast, pour 2 to 3 tbsp. of the glaze onto the pan and glaze the chicken breast. Basting the glaze over the chicken breast repeatedly.

4.  Transfer to an oven-safe container, and finish cooking in a pre-heated 325oF oven until medium doneness or when the internal temperature reaches 140oF.

5.  In another sauce pot over low flame, combine the prepared Knorr Demi Glace sauce, rosemary, orange juice concentrate, and water. Bring to a simmer and adjust the seasoning. Stir in the orange supremes.

To serve: Slice the chicken breast on a bias into 6 slices per fillet. Portion the mashed potato onto the plate, equally distribute the sliced duck breast (3 slices per portion), and garnish with the vegetables and the demi glace. Equally portion the orange supremes as well (3 pieces to a plate), and finish off with the microgreens and fresh herbs.



Adjust the taste of the demi glace by tasting it to yield a nice balance of the rosemary and orange essence.

Make sure the consistency of the sauce is thick yet pourable.



Unilever Food Solutions offers not just products used in professional kitchens to prepare tasty, wholesome meals, but also services that help chefs and operators make their food business a success. To know more, visit


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