5 Easy One-Pot Recipes That Will Leave You with Less Dishes to Wash

These dishes are easy and fuss-free!

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Let’s be real: after spending a couple of hours prepping and cooking a meal for yourself or for your family, the last thing you want to do is scrub down your kitchen counters and dirty dishes. The quickest way out of this dilemma? The one-pot meal!


Here are soups, casseroles, and even pasta dishes that will save you the work of scrubbing down more than one pot or pan after cooking and eating. Master them so that you’ll have an easy time in the kitchen on days when you feel extra worn down.



1 One-Pan Lasagna

Here’s a simplified version of lasagna: use no-cook lasagna noodles and you’ll be able to skip one pan and one step entirely!

Make this fuss-free lasagna recipe using only one pan!



2 Chicken Casserole

Use a dish that is both stove top- and oven-friendly.

This one-pan meal is filled with creamy chicken and fluffy mashed potatoes.



3 Chicken and Veggie Soup

You can make this soup with your eyes closed! All you have to do is let everything simmer slowly in a pot until cooked through.

The chicken soup recipe is a hearty (yet light) one-pot meal that's also packed with nutrition and so much color.



4 One-Pan Seafood and Tomato Pasta

Did you know that pasta can be made in one-pot? Watch how you can make this dish in the video above.

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This seafood pasta-yes, both noodles and sauce-is cooked in just one pan.



5 One-Pot Clam Bake

Prepare a seafood feast sans the hassle!

Go all out with a seafood fest, minus the fuss!




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Braise your way into this easy weeknight meal: sarciadong manok!

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Don't skip the most important meal of the day-we have tips!


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