You Only Need One Pot For These Recipes

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One-pot dishes aren't just easy to make. These dishes make some of the most flavorful recipes, too. While many of these types of dishes take hours to make, such as the slow-cooked recipes, one-pot dishes also include stir-fried dishes that are quickly cooked dishes in a wok or frying pan. 

These recipes are guaranteed to be super delicious no matter what method you use to cook it:

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1 Asian-Style Braised Pork Belly Recipe 

One of the best things about Asian cuisine, Filipino cuisine included, is its intensely flavorful dishes. It's rare that only salt and pepper are the only seasonings that are added to a dish. (Although when it is the only seasoning, it's still very tasty nonetheless.) When more ingredients are added to a dish, it's not a sign that it's complicated. It's actually a sign that it's going to be very tasty.

Take this slow-cooked pork liempo recipe. It has over 10 ingredients but the resulting dish is extremely flavorful. You get warm notes from the star anise and cinnamon, savory flavors from the soy sauce, and sweetness from the sugar. All these come together into one pot with aromatic ingredients and after the slow-cooking process, it'll be the tender and flavorful liempo you know you'll be craving again soon. You can do the same thing with beef, too! 

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This version of the beef stew is Korea's version.
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2 Korean Beef Stew Recipe

The bold flavors in this beef stew are from the sugar, the earthy warmth from the sesame seeds, and the beefiness of the meat. This beef stew also contains the cooked down flesh of a pear that lends its flavor to the sauce and also helps tenderize the beef.


This beef stew is just one of this region's flavorful dishes which is distinct in its taste and is easy to make. As with many one-pot dishes, a little sauteing in the pot, a boil and a simmer later, and the result is fork-tender meat and vegetables and a whole lot of rice to help you scoop up all that tasty soup. 


This classic Bolognese sauce is a super flavorful, meaty, and exquisitely made pasta sauce.
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3 Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

You can do many things with a pasta sauce and simmering it until its flavors are concentrated and become a super delicious sauce to toss with pasta. A classic Bolognese sauce is typically simmered for a few hours to do just that. The combination of meats, the dried herbs, and the tomato sauce all make it so that flavors that eventually combine are delicious and in harmony when tasted together.

You have to try this recipe, including allowing the sauce simmer despite it being already cooked, to believe that the flavors are deepened, the ground meat more delectable, and the dish overall better if you do. 

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4 Chicken Curry Stir-fry Recipe 

Stir-fried dishes really are one-pot dishes. While, yes, there are many ingredients that need to be prepped before the actual cooking is to be done, the entire cooking process only takes minutes! All you really need to wait for while cooking these types of dishes is for the meat to cook, the vegetables to be cooked through, and the sauce to thicken up. 

The best advice we have when it comes to cooking stir-fried recipes is to use boneless chicken fillets for easier, faster cooking, and cut it and the vegetables into matchsticks or small enough chunks to cook as fast as the meat. A simple oyster sauce and sesame oil sauce combo can be your sauce but just imagine how much flavor you can get when you add another splash of this or that into your dish, too. This recipe uses curry and resulting dish is a curry recipe that's quick and easy. You can even toss this with noodles or skewer the chicken for another kind of recipe, too.  


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5 Beef and Baby Corn Stir-fry Recipe 

Chicken isn't the only meat that cooks fast! When you slice beef into thin slices against the grain, you get a flavorful beef dish that is tender and cooks fast, too. There are many beef stir-fried recipes and this is just one of many.


However, this is simpler than many stir-fried dishes with only 3 main ingredients: beef, baby corn, and peppers. The others are there for flavor. You can totally opt to not add all the sauce ingredients to make it even more simple, but it can really be broken down into a two-step cooking process: mix the sauce ingredients together and dump into the cooking pan when the beef, peppers, and corn are cooked through. Cook until just thickened which takes a few minutes. Easy. 

What is preventing you from making a one-pot recipe: the long cooking process or the sheer number of ingredients that you will need to make a stir-fried dish flavorful? We've solved that with these recipes plus a few more suggestions so it's up to you to decide if you want to cook for a few minutes of cooking or wait a few hours for your dish to be done. 


Either way, you will be rewarded with a dish that's going to be super delicious. 


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