One Week of Easy Healthy Dinners to Get You Back on Track

We all aspire to be the athleisure-wearing, salad-munching Healthy Person among our friends, don't we?

January is the best time to jump-start your healthy eating habits while your "New Year, new you" resolutions are fresh. Here are 7 healthy dinner recipesall easy-to-prep and made with ingredients that are available in the supermarketto help you get through the week. 




Chicken and Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Quinoa is a high-protein, wheat-free, and gluten-free alternative to your usual wheats and grains. Dress them with lemon juice, mix in some veggies, and add your favorite protein (chicken is perfect!) and you will have a complete meal in no time. 




Turmeric Fish Recipe

Turmeric's fantastic health benefits (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, cancer and disease-preventing) make it a worthy permanent resident in your pantry. 




Stir-Fried Broccoli Recipe

Broccoli is among the most nutrient-dense veggies out there. Plus, a good-sized serving will fill you up quickly. You can skip that cup of rice with this quick stir-fry recipe.  




Tortellini Pasta Salad Recipe

Make up for the holiday overindulgence and load up on your vegetable intake this January! Make space for a tasty pasta salad on a Wednesday to make it through the rest of the work week.




Tapa, Pako, and Salted Egg Salad Recipe

This hefty Pinoy pako salad will definitely satisfy your tastebuds! Remember to shop for the freshest ferns, herbs, veggies, and salted eggs for this salad. 




Chicken Basil Stir-Fry Recipe

This stir-fry recipe takes 15 minutes to cook, from prep to cooking time. If you prefer your meals extra spicy, throw in a red chili or two! 




Seafood Bake Recipe

You made it through the week! Celebrate with an indulgent seafood bake. This seafood recipe is completely fuss-free: throw everything into a pan, cover it up, and wait until everything is cooked through.  



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