WATCH: You Can Make Your Own Version of Orange Chicken!

Who'd have thought that the sweetness of the oranges is the perfect flavor for fried chicken?

You may think it's an odd pairing but oranges and fried chicken is really quite delicious. 

The orange in this Chinese-inspired chicken dish is the main flavor but the other ingredients in the sauce make it much more extra. You simmer down the orange juice until it's a richly flavored liquid before adding the rest of the seasonings: salt, pepper, and (the secret ingredient that makes anything and everything delicious) sesame oil. Make it thick, and you've got a sauce that's delicious and ready to serve with anything, including a simply fried chicken with crispy skin.  

Eager to try the recipe? Here's the full recipe so you can get a head start on the flavors that you'll soon be tasting when Panda Express finally opens! 

This chicken dish has a tangy and sweet sauce you will love.

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Make a trip to the Chinese deli closest to you. Your taste buds will thank you!

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