Our Best Chicken Recipes In 2019

These are our most popular chicken recipes this year!

When it comes to preparing easy meals, chicken always comes to mind. It’s an easy protein and ingredient to work with, plus it cooks really fast. You can always get creative when preparing chicken (it can be used in appetizers and salads just as much as in main dishes) but when it comes to favorites, our Yummy.ph readers like to keep it simple. Here are the top most-read chicken recipes for 2019: 

Photo by Majoy Siason

Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe

All you need are just a few ingredients to make this creamy and savory dish: all-purpose cream, mushrooms, and butter! You can even spoon the sauce onto your rice because it is all kinds of flavorful! 

Photo by Mark Jesalva

Kalderetang Manok (Chicken Caldereta) Recipe

Caldereta is a popular Pinoy stew, made extra rich and flavorful with grated cheese and liver spead. You can play around with the basic recipe and turn it into an extra-festive dish: why not add olives and kamote

Photo by Mark Jesalva

Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe

Asado in Pampanga is different from the usual asado that you may be used to. It uses fresh tangy tomatoes! Achuete oil and brown sugar add layers of flavors that you don’t usually get in the sweet, Chinese-style pork version. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

Easy Chicken Chopsuey Recipe

The classic Filipino vegetable recipe, chop suey, gets a delicious upgrade with chicken chunks! Chicken is a fast-cooking protein so adding this doesn’t make cooking time extra long. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

Adobong Atay ng Manok Recipe 

Chicken liver may be an acquired taste but adding salty and tangy adobo sauce makes its creamy texture shine. Chicken chunks give your taste buds a break from all the atay. 

Photo by Majoy Siason

Chicken Adobo Recipe

No list of chicken recipes would be complete without chicken adobo! This basic recipe is one that most of us grew up with: it’s the perfect medley of salty, savory, sour, and slightly sweet flavors. 


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Photo by Dan Eric Rivera

Turbo Broiler Chicken Recipe

This golden roasted chicken takes little effort to make. All you need is your trusty turbo broiler to get that juicy meat and crisp golden skin. Pair with buttered veggies and mashed potatoes! 

Photo by Mark Jesalva

Tinola With Malunggay Recipe

Tinola is a traditional Filipino chicken soup that never gets old! The simple and clean broth is punctuated with ginger and green papaya and malunggay leaves make it extra nutritious. You’ll need lots of extra rice with this! 

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