WATCH: This is How Pancit Malabon is Made


Nothing is as festive as a bilao of pancit-whether it's for a simple family gathering at home or when you're celebrating something special. Pancit Malabon is easily one of the most popular pancit versions in the country. But people often mistake Pancit Malabon for Pancit Palabok and vice versa. How exactly is it different ?  


Pancit Malabon is a noodle dish that originated in Malabon, Metro Manila, a city whose food is largely influenced by the Chinese because of its rich trading history.  


How is it different? Pancit Malabon uses thicker rice noodles and the sauce-a thick mixture cooked with fish  sauce,  crab fat, and annatto seeds-is a really tasty one, peppered with flavors from the sea. Tinapa and chicharon are also added to the sauce. According to Egay Ramos, food tour guide from the Malabon City Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, it is believed that people used to dip the rice noodles in boiled water with pork cheeks and jowl (maskara ng baboy) making the dish extra flavorful. Duck eggs are also traditionally used as toppings.




Aside from crushed pork cracklings (chicharon), a medley of seafood is also used: shrimp, smoked fish or tinapa flakes, squid, oysters (talaba), and mussels (tahong). There's more than one way to enjoy Pancit Malabon and each bilao is different from one pancit store to the next. One tip from Malabon residents: eat Pancit Malabon on the day it is prepared as the seafood might spoil. We're sure a serving of this pancit won't last on the table for long!




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