WATCH: Pasta Cooking Tips To Try

These tips will help you cook better pasta dishes.

From how little salt to add to the water to overcooking your pasta for macaroni salad, we have a few ideas that are unique and unconventional pasta cooking tips. These pasta cooking tips may just be able to help you cook better pasta dishes no matter when the craving strikes. 

Steaming, simmering water is different from boiling water.

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1 Don't add too much water.

Did you know that you don't actually need that much water to cook pasta? In fact, you can use just enough water to cover the pasta. All that extra water allows the pasta to move around as needed but you can minimize wasting that much water by instead stirring the pot regularly so the circulating water prevents the pasta from sticking as it cooks. 

Besides, you'll need the more starchy pasta water that less water makes to add to your pasta sauce and make it nice and luscious with less liquid. 

Rock salt have the largest granules compared to table salt, kosher salt, or sea salt.
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2 Add just enough salt.

You may have heard that the pasta water needs to be as salty as the ocean. While salt might raise the boiling point of the water a few degrees, it will still cook the pasta nonetheless even without the salt. That's why we think the water doesn't have to taste like the ocean. Salt gives the water and the pasta flavor, but if it's too salty, your pasta will also taste too salty as well.

Instead, add enough salt to give the water flavor so it's not bland. The result is flavorful pasta even without any sauce!

The dried pasta noodles will soften as the water boils, so there's no need to break the noodles.
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3 Let long noodles soften in the water.

No matter how tempting it will be, there's no need to break the noodles to fit a small pot. The noodles will soften and drop into the pot and the water. The Italians look down on cutting spaghetti noodles which is why you twirl it around your fork tines, and even the Chinese believe long noodles symbolize long life. 

This macaroni salad is a fruity combination with cheese chunks that make it super appetizing.

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4 It's okay to "accidentally" overcook your pasta.

The best pasta for macaroni salad is overcooked pasta. That's because pasta will firm up once cooled and chilled, so pasta that's been cooked to al dente will actually be hard when cold. Avoid that bite and "overcook" your pasta until it's just softened for perfectly cooked pasta for your macaroni salad and other cold pasta dishes.   

Make a simple tomato sauce for pasta.
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5 Cook the pasta and sauce separately, ahead of time.

No pressure! You can cook the pasta or the sauce first and have it ready ahead of time. All you have to do is reheat either (or both) parts of the pasta as needed then toss the two together only when ready to serve. For cooked, stuck-together pasta, adding the sauce will help loosen those noodles and coat it well. If you have freshly cooked pasta, its residual heat will reheat cold sauces faster. 



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