Pasta Meal Plan: You Can Make 20-Minute Pasta Dishes For Only P1,500

Feed a family of four effortlessly!

IMAGE Dairy Darilag

With rice prices skyrocketing because of inflation, why not try switching to pasta for the whole week? You can prep 5 meals good for four people for only P1,500!

Here's the grocery list you just need to print out and voila! You are ready for the week. 

The P1500 Grocery List

  • Canned Goods
  • Cream Style Corn (425g), P29.75
  • Diced Tomato (400g), P48.75
  • Mushroom Sliced (198g), P32.25
  • Luncheon Meat (230g), P72.50
  • Gourmet Tuyo (225g), P180
  • Tuna Flakes in Vegetable Oil (180g), P36
  • Spicy Tuna Flakes (2 cans of 180g), P75
  • Tuna Flakes in Brine (2 cans of 180g), P81
  • Pasta
  • Spaghetti Pasta (400g), P47.75
  • Spaghetti Pasta (900g), P80
  • Fusili Pasta (500g), P75
  • Linguine Pasta (500g), P56.50
  • Seasoning and Other Staples
  • Liquid Seasoning (130ml), P43.75
  • Chicken Cubes, (box of two pieces), P13.50
  • Vegetable Oil (312ml), P28.50
  • All Purpose Cream (4 cartons of 250 ml), P220
  • Fresh Produce
  • Red Onions (250g) P39
  • Organic Tomato (500 g), P60
  • White Onion (200g), P18.80
  • Lemon (1 piece), P32
  • Red and Green Bell Pepper (140g), P53.20
  • Frozen Section
  • Frozen Sweet Peas (200g), P22.50
  • Butter (225g), P97.50
  • Total: P1445.25

The Pasta Meal Plan

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

1 Creamy Corn & Tuna Pasta

  • Ready in: 15 minutes
  • This extra creamy pasta will have you reaching for seconds.

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Photo by Dairy Darilag

2 Luncheon Meat Carbonara Recipe

  • Ready in: 15 minutes
  • Who can resist cleaning a plate of Carbonara? You can make this recipe any time!

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Photo by Jun Pinzon

3 Creamed Tuna & Mushroom Pasta

  • Ready in: 15 minutes
  • It's like tuna pie, but a more filling pasta version! Yum!

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Photo by Bianca Laxamana

4 Tuyo Pasta

  • Ready in: 15 minutes
  • Elevate your tuyo experience with this easy pasta dish. 

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Photo by Dairy Darilag

5 Spicy Tuna Pasta

  • Ready in: 20 minutes
  • No need to buy expensive labuyo for this spicy meal.

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