5 Shrimp Pasta Recipes You Can Make Make This Week

Love seafood AND pasta?

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The ban on tahong and other affected shellfish doesn't have to hit you hard. In fact, this is a great time to look to other delicious food from the sea that isn't affected by the dreaded red tide phenomenon. 

Fish, squid, crabs, and shrimp have been declared still safe to eat and are not on the official list of affected shellfish by the BFAR so if you're hungry for seafood but remain cautious because the red tide alert is still up, here are shrimp recipes you can cook to end those cravings: 

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1  Seafood Pesto Pasta Recipe 


Take advantage of the availability of shrimp during this time so you can make this fresh and flavorful pasta recipe. All you need are five ingredients: shrimp, fish chunks, prepared pesto, arugula, olive oil, and pasta. Just toss everything together and you get a delicious pasta dinner! 

Are you a seafood fan? Here's a pasta dish made for you.

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2 Creamy Shrimp Pasta Recipe


If a creamy pasta is what gets you excited for dinner, then this creamy rendition should be on your list. If you like the taste of citrus and creamy dishes, this also has notes of orange, lemon, and even calamansi to make every bite an interesting and delicious explosion of flavors.    

This pasta dish uses avocado for an extra creamy texture.

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3 Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe 


Langoustines are hard to find (not to mention hard to say!) but what's great about it is that shrimp makes for a fantastic and just as appetizing a substitute for the large prawn. In this recipe, you get the same delicious flavors as you would if you were using bigger, imported shrimp.  

Shrimps, garlic, and lemon go so well together, it's a classic dish made even better as a pasta.

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4 Prawns in Fresh Tomato Pasta Recipe


This recipe uses fresh tomatoes to make a quick but flavorful sauce that pairs wonderfully with the large prawns that served with it. 

Prawns and fresh tomato sauce? Yes, please!

5 Seafood Saffron Risoni Recipe 

Don't let the name of the dish fool you into thinking you can't make a simpler version because you definitely can. All you have to do is substitute the risoni, the rice-like pasta, with macaroni or even broken spaghetti, and the saffron with kasubha for its gorgeous color, and you've got all you need to make this doable (and affordable!) version at home.       


This is a light and refreshing version of a seafood saffron pasta.

Seafood alerts shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the delicious dishes you can and should be 


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