5 Essential Pasta Sauces Every Home Cook Should Know

Whether they are creamy or herby, simmered or blended, our pasta sauces deliver on their delicious promises.

Whether they are creamy or herby, simmered or blended, our pasta sauce recipes deliver on their delicious promises. Here are some of the basic sauces that are home cook-friendly! Whip these up for quick weeknight dinners



Tomato Pasta Sauce

Get the basics down by starting off with this easy tomato sauce. The acidity from those tomatoes give it a fresh kick! 




Spaghetti a la Carbonara

Carbonara is a popular favorite. What would you expect with all those dreamy, creamy, cheesy flavors? Learn the step-by-step process with this video tutorial, too! 


Pesto Sauce

Pesto is packed with good-for-you ingredients. The best thing about making it? You only need a blender or a food processor




Classic Bolognese Sauce

Doesn't this classic pasta sauce bring back a lot of childhood memories? Now, you can learn how to make these for your kids! They will thank you for it. 



Marinara Sauce Recipe

When you've become confident in your pasta sauce cooking skills, step up your game and give this earthy marinara sauce a shot! Top your dish with juicy meatballs and you have yourself a feast. Dig in! 


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Making pasta sauce has never been this easy!

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