One Batch of Pesto, Five Different Dinners

Pesto sauce can give a flavor boost to roast chicken, baked fish, and even soups!

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One of the most versatile sauces that easily upgrade any of your homemade dishes is simple to make and easy to store: pesto! Made with only a handful of ingredients, it's packed with strong garlic and herb flavors, and can pair well with almost anything. 


This pesto pasta recipe is ready in under 30 minutes. Just toss and serve!


Make a big batch of pesto and keep it jarred in your refrigerator. While fresh pesto is delicious, blanching your basil leaves before blending them into a sauce will help your pesto keep for weeks. Here are a few dinner recipes you can use your homemade pesto sauce on: 


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1 Roast Chicken

Chicken and pesto were meant to be together. The sauce will go well with your roasted vegetables, too. 


The vibrant pesto complements the roast chicken perfectly!



2 Baked Salmon

Incorporate pesto into a cream sauce and spread it over salmon. It'll bake into a creamy and aromatic dinner! 


Paired with the pesto-cream sauce, this baked salmon becomes one rich, creamy, flavor-packed dish.


3 Pizza

Tired of the usual tomato sauce- or oil-based pizzas? Go the extra mile and spread green pesto over your pizza crust! Experiment with different herbs and leafy greens, too, like kale and malunggay. 


Turn this classic chicken-and-pesto combo into a pizza sauce!



4 Soup

Recreate the classic pesto pasta dish into a pasta soup! A freshly-made pesto sauce will make this broth even more flavorful. 


This soup is flavored with pesto!


5 Sandwiches

This is a no-brainer: pesto can upgrade grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken paninis, and plain toasted bread in a snap. Add tomatoes and cheese for the perfect panini! 


Nothing beats a chicken-and-pesto combo! Bring out your panini press to make this easy sandwich recipe.



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