These Dishes Can Be Both Pica-Pica and Ulam

No matter what day of the year it is, there is always going to be a party or celebration happening somewhere. 

What food can I serve at a party?

Maybe you ask yourself this instead: 

What dish should I bring to a party? 

We think you should always be prepared with potluck or party recipes that you can make to bring to a party or serve if you are the host. These recipes can even double as both an appetizer and the main course you can eat with your choice of carbs, if desired.  

However, there are so many recipes to look through that it is possible to become confused deciding which dish is best to bring. We think that the best party food are dishes that you not only can eat as an appetizer or bar chow with an ice cold brew but can also easily eat as the main course, complete with a heaping mound of rice.


These recipes aren't unique but they are definitely delicious, on its own or plated with rice. Here's a list of recipes of these versatile dishes that easily switch from pica-pica fare to being the main course and back again in a snap: 

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1 Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe  

We think you can't go wrong with wings. Chicken, after all, is easily a crowd favorite, but when you serve it with your choice of sauce, you just made it irresistible to just about anyone. These spicy buffalo-style wings are delicious but if you think your guests want variety, there are more than enough wing recipes to keep even the pickiest eater happy.    



Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

2 Tofu Sisig Recipe 

We think tofu is the perfect pica-pica and main meal ingredient because no one ever feels guilty about eating it on its own. Transforming it into a flavorful sisig recipe like this one elevates it from merely an appetizer that goes fantastic with your drink before the main meal to being the ulam you can heartily eat with rice. 


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3 Chicken Lollipops Recipe 

There's no shame in eating chicken on its own. In fact, we think it's one of those dishes that are meant to be eaten with your hands! This chicken lollipops recipe is one perfect example of that. That exposed bone sticking out like a handle is just the perfect thing to grasp with one's fingers and immediately start eating. Chicken lollipops, like these chicken wings and others like it, are fantastic when made as ulam, too.      



Photo by Lilen Uy

4 Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Lumpiang Shanghai, or pork spring rolls, make fantastic party food! Not only can you make a big batch days before the big event, but you can also stuff these in any number of ways. After all, we think lumpia is one of the best party food ever. 


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5 Chicharon Bulaklak Recipe 

Many of us crush these crispy nuggets of pork pieces over our food, and it's glorious. It adds crunch, it adds texture, and it even adds that unique flavor that only pork has. It's no wonder that many of us also eat this classic Pinoy bar chow as their ulam.   




6 Pork Barbecue Recipe 

How can any party not have pork barbecue? These are delicious and hearty sticks of meat, the undisputed ultimate party food staple. What makes these sticks even better? No one will be judge you when you start munching on a stick or two as a snack and neither will they again when you grab a few more sticks to eat with the rice, pancit, and chop suey that's sure to be present on the buffet table, too. 


These are just a few party food recipes that we think would make delicious main dishes, too. Got other suggestions that could be both pica-pica fare and your ulam? We think we got things covered but here are other suggestions that could be the party recipe you're looking for: 




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