5 Pinoy Breakfast Combos That Will Turn You into a Morning Person

Forget the snooze button: these Filipino breakfasts are totally worth waking up for.

Gather around the breakfast table! These warm and comforting Pinoy favorites will have you jumping out of bed on a Monday morning.


Remember to throw in lots of toasty garlic into your rice, and stuff yourselves silly with sweet, salty, and sour flavors all in one bite.


Which one is your favorite?



Beef Tapa + Sunny Side Up Egg + Labanos Atchara + Garlic Rice


The richness of a runny egg matches perfectly with the sharp flavors of sweet-and-salty tapa. Add a side of pickled radishes (atchara) for good measure, too! 




Skinless Longganisa + Fresh Tomatoes + Salted Egg + Garlic Rice


Sweet skinless longganisa is an easy-to-prep breakfast. Match longganisa with a no-cook mix of fresh tomatoes and salted egg, then head out to conquer the day!




Tocino + Sunny Side Up Egg + Ampalaya Atchara + Garlic Rice


This flavorful meal will fire you up for the rest of the week. Here's a fun twist: make homemade atchara with ampalaya (bittermelon) instead of the usual green papaya. Add a touch of spice, too, by throwing some green chilies into the mix. 




Tinapa Flakes + Fresh Tomatoes + Salted Egg + Garlic Rice


Smoky fish and a fresh egg-and-tomato salad is a simple yet satisfying breakfast combo. 




Pandesal + Kesong Puti + Coffee


Busy morning? No-cook is the way to go! Toast the kesong puti over your pandesal in a toaster oven, and enjoy those soft, tender bites of comfort. You can also dip your pandesal in your morning cup of coffee



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