These Recipes Make Lechon Kawali Better

Fried liempo is irresistable. Imagine it made tastier.

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How do you make lechon kawali better?

We have a few ideas on how to change it up and it may change your life. 

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1 Lechon Kawali Binagoongan Recipe 

Lechon kawali isn't always tasty on its own. That's why it's usually served with lechon sauce. However, you won't need that sauce with this recipe! Bagoong makes this lechon kawali recipe tastier, better. Add gata to give it a sweet-salty kick! 


How do you make the classic binagoongan extra special? Make it with crispy pork belly and rich coconut milk.

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Make binagoongan it with crispy pork belly and rich coconut milk.

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2 Chili-Honey Glazed Lechon Kawali Recipe 

Lechon sauce is the default sauce that's served with lechon kawali. While we admit it is a delicious combination, it can be boring if you were looking forward to a different meal. A simple glaze that's sticky, sweet, and delicious solves that problem. Just toss to coat! 


A sweet-spicy oriental glaze gives fried pork belly a delicious kick and great with ice cold beer.

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3 Lechon Kawali Paksiw Recipe 

It sounds rather logical since paksiw is what many do to lechon that's past its prime. Unlike lechon, all you get is tender meaty chunks packed with flavor. 

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Use your cooked lechon kawali to make an entirely new dish!

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4 Lechon Kawali Sisig Recipe 


Sisig is basically chopped up pork tossed with seasonings. Why not use leftover lechon kawali to make sisig? It's got the same crispy bits and tender meat that will make this sisig version meatier. It's the seasoning that will make this taste just like sisig! 

Take sisig to the next level with crunchy lechon kawali!

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5 Pork Sinigang sa Mangga Recipe


What's so great about lechon kawali is that you can use it for many recipes, and it will be universally loved. Here, sinigang gets a make-over by using two ingredients to make it uniquely delicious: lechon kawali and mangga.

This sinigang gets its sourness from green mangoes.

This pan-fried lechon kawali is made even more flavorful with its calamansi and patis glaze.
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6 Calamansi and Patis-Glazed Lechon Kawali Recipe 


Here are two distinctly Pinoy ingredients: patis and calamansi. Both are used to make a salty, sweet, and tangy sauce that coats the crunchy pork. 

Serve lechon kawali with a tangy-sweet glaze!

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7 Lechon Kawali Kare Kare Recipe 

Tuwalya, or ox tripe, or even pata doesn't have sole ownership over kare kare recipes! There are so many kare kare recipes that feature other meats and it's just as delicious as the original, if not more. Here, lechon kawali steps in for the tripe for a meatier meal with a delicious crunch.


Get the crispy and juicy meat of lechon kawali and the delectably nutty sauce of kare-kare. Delish!

We think these lechon kawali recipes may make you rethink that liempo is only good for inihaw recipes. Here are more ideas how you can make the best pork dishes for the summer. 

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We love lechon kawali. Now learn how to level up your game to make the roasted version called the Lechon Macau.

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Crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside, this is lechon kawali at its most basic. 

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This homemade pork belly recipe might be even better than any lechon you can buy.

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