Pork Dishes You Can Make For Christmas

Let pork be the star of your Christmas feast.

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The main course of your Christmas feast can make it the highlight of anyone's night. Are you thinking of making the pork dish that will grace your table? That's a great idea! It will definitely be an unforgettable meal when done right. 

To ensure that your meal is an impressive one, make your pork dish the star of your Christmas table with any of these pork recipes:

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1 Christmas Hamoncito Recipe   

A hamoncito is a rolled pork dish that's simmered in a mixture of seasoned orange and pineapple juice. This sweet, citrus marinade will create a fantastic sauce packed with flavor! If you have a sweet tooth but want to opt-out from buying a ham, this pork recipe will be a more than suitable substitute.  

If you're worried about how to roll up a slab of pork this way, look at the meat counter and even ask your butcher to roll up a pork belly slab for you to take home. If you want to try truss the pork yourself, here is an easy video so you can learn to do it at home. 

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2 Pork Pot Roast Recipe 

A pot roast is normally associated with beef but who says it can't be just as flavorful if made from pork? This recipe proves that it can be done and will be delicious! The pork is treated just like a beef cut would be treated when making pot roast.  

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3 Bacon-Wrapped Roast Recipe 

If you want to impress family and guests, this rolled pork belly is surely going to do that job right! What makes this roast so appetizing is that outer layer of crispy bacon. You'll have to skip the crispy pork crackling if you make this but all this means is that you get incredible flavor from the bacon. This means that while you roast the pork, the bacon automatically bastes the pork keeping it moist and flavorful. How can you resist that? 

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4 Roast Pork Recipe with Vegetables 

For a truly impressive centerpiece, this crown of pork ribs should be on the top of your list. Again, you can have your butcher help so prepare this stunning piece of pork for you! Then it's all up to you to prepare it so that what will emerge from your oven is this stunner of a pork dish. 

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5 Kapampangan Pork Asado Recipe 

There is no shortage of pork recipes that can be used as your main course for your Noche Buena. The key is how it's presented so that it looks magnificent, even if all you did was season it with salt! 

An asado recipe is great for parties so it's equally respectable to serve for Christmas, too. This version simmered in tomatoes is inspired by those made in Pampanga. Slice this pork at the table and plate it with the flavorful tomato sauce poured over the slices just before serving. 

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6 Rolled Pork Tenderloin with Longganisa Recipe 

Tenderloins are the most tender meat cuts. It's an easy meat cut to cook with, especially for the beginner cook. To make a pork tenderloin festive and fit for a holiday feast, stuff it. The stuffing can range from a chopped up mix of herbs and vegetables to simply placing aromatic ingredients in the center cut. 

This pork tenderloin brings a taste of savory flavors from the longganisa meat to the pork. Its intense flavor helps the tenderloin not only become super tasty with every slice, but also helps the tenderloin stay moist. Longganisa meat usually contains the fat that the very lean tenderloin lacks. The result it a stunning pork main course that you can proudly present on the table when the clock strikes twelve.               

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7 Lechon Macau Recipe 

If you want to level up your lechon kawali, this recipe is the one to try. These pork belly chunks are perfectly seasoned. It's all thanks to the salt-layer that you roast the pork belly under. See how it's done and you'll understand why these chunks are so tasty. 

These bite-sized chunks can be served on any occasion, including your Christmas feast.

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Oct 10, 2018

What pork dish are you planning on making and serving for your Noche Buena feast?   



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