This Is The Most Tender Cut Of Pork + Recipes To Try

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Pork is an undisputed favorite among Pinoys. It's what makes lechon, lechon. It's also the meat that we like to cook with, including other pork parts that are not as popular.

When it comes to the meat, the tenderloin also known as the lomo is always the most prized of all cuts. It's the most tender of all cuts, hence the name. However, unlike the other pork cuts, it's the one cut that doesn't need to be tenderized! It can be cooked in minutes and it will be soft and tender to the bite even if overcooked a minute longer than you should have. 

It's conducive to many flavors that you normally would use to marinate or serve with other pork cuts but the best way to really appreciate the cut is to cook it simply. You can use a meat thermometer to perfectly cook pork to at least 135 degrees F or 57 degrees C before you take it off the heat. (Remember that carry-over cooking will raise the temperature another several more degrees so it will reach the recommended minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees F or 62 degrees C as it rests.)     


If you would like to try your hand at cooking some pork tenderloin, here are tasty recipes to try:  

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1 Pork Tenderloin with Sriracha Sauce Recipe 

Season pork tenderloin with salt and pepper and serve it with a tasty sauce. In this case, a creamy but spicy sauce is poured over the pork and served with a side of peas and rice for a perfectly balanced meal. 


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2 Dry-Rubbed Tenderloin Recipe 

Pork loves spices! You can marinate pork overnight or you can do something else: rub it dry. A dry rub is a mix of seasonings, herbs, and spices that will make the meat you're cooking super tasty. This can be any mix of flavors! Use your favorite combination of dry and fresh herbs and spices to make a homemade mix or grab a seasoning mix in a packet that you like and cook it until the center of the tenderloin registers at least 135 degrees F or 57 degrees C for perfectly cooked pork. 


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3 Mediterranean Pork Tenderloin Recipe 

Despite the tenderness of pork tenderloin, it can be simmered. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to simmer for it to become flavorful versus simmering for a long time for other pork cuts. The result is a flavorful dish that can be made and cooked in 30 minutes instead of in an hour. Take this simple yet tasty recipe that uses tomatoes, olives, a bit of cumin, and lemon juice to make a simple fried pork meal even more appetizing.    


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4 Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe 

Pork tenderloin can be roasted and stuffed or rolled just like a chicken or other pork cuts, too. This is great to do with the pork tenderloin because it doesn't need to be cooked for very long to cook it until tender. However, it will need some extra care to ensure that it stays moist and juicy as it roasts in the oven, so make sure to keep an eye on the pork! It will only take 30 minutes to roast this pork roast instead of the usual time for a bigger cut. 


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5 Pork Tenderloin Recipe 

Pork can be simple but it's always more appetizing when you get creative in the kitchen. For this pork tenderloin recipe, it's got some familiar ingredients, including butter, onion, garlic, and mushrooms. Rosemary is added to give it a woody herb flavor but what makes this stand out is the marsala wine. It's a sweet wine that is delicious in recipes!  


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This pork cut isn't your usual pork cut but ask your butcher if it's available. Once you start cooking with tenderloin, you may never go back to the cuts that need time to be tenderized again. 


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