These Potluck Party Dishes Will Only Cost You Less Than P500 to Make

You can feed a crowd even when you're on a budget.

It’s finally potluck party season! Because you’re most likely going to have to attend more than one party, it’s time to start thinking about your budget—you do still have to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones, right?


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Here are recipes that you can use for your next potluck party. We included options for main dishes, snacks, and desserts. All of them are quick, cheap, and delicious!



1 Mac and Cheese with Ham

You can still make a delicious mac and cheese without spending on large chunks of cheese. Simply use cheese spread and season well!


Total cost for 8 people: P473.00


Make mac and cheese extra fun!


2 Pork Tenderloin

Instead of the usual lengua and other slow-cooked dishes, opt for a pork tenderloin dish to bring to a potluck party. The meat cut is affordable, cooks fast, and always turns out tender.



Total cost for 8 people: P498.80


This pork tenderloin recipe is easy to prep!


3 Spinach and Artichoke Dip

In charge of bringing a dip for the chips? Impress your friends with this veggie-packed dip.


Total cost for 8 people: P352.50


This spinach artichoke dip is perfect for tortilla chips and veggie sticks.


4 Boxed Brownies

Boxed brownies are cheap and quick to make. You can easily dress them up by topping them with pretzels, chocolate, or chopped candy bars. If you want to keep the brownies classic and simple, just sprinkle coarse sea salt on top. 



Total cost for 8 people: between P110 to P135, depending on which boxed mix brand you purchase. 


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Have a box of brownie mix in your pantry?

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5 No-Bake Banana Trifle

Trifles are great for potlucks—you don’t have to make much of an effort to make it look pretty, it comes together in a few minutes, and will always be a crowd-pleaser.



Total cost for 8 people: P313.00


This no-bake dessert is a layered trifle: bananas, cake, pudding, and meringue.



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It's more than just buying barbecue or pancit.

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Throw in two kinds of cheese, chorizo, and pimiento!

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