This Is How Your Induction Stove Ruins Your Pots And Pans

You need to invest in good cookware. Here's why.

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Do you have an inductive stove? If you do, you know that you need special cookware for your special stove to work. How? You need pots and pans that have a magnetic bottom surface. The induction stove works with magnetism and it's the only way that your stove will recognize that there's a pot on it and is ready to use.

It's this magnetic bottom requirement that forces you to use only induction-ready cookware. That's why many stoves come with a pot with every purchase because unless you're ready with a pot that works on the work the stove, you won't be able to cook just yet. 

The popularity of the induction stove is also the reason why there are induction stove hob adaptors. These pieces of metal that you place on top of the induction stove are magnetic so it mimics what the bottom of your pot should be. This way, you can use any kind of pot on top of it since the stove recognizes the adapter, not the pot. 


When you do purchase cookware for your induction stove, you may be tempted to buy the most affordable kind of cookware. While these pots and pan seem like a great purchase, we do caution against buying cookware that doesn't have a heavy bottom or at least a double-lined bottom.   

Is this pot heavy duty enough to withstand everyday use?
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This type of cookware is an investment but if you're using an induction stove, you need to invest in good cookware because your stove can ruin cookware that's not heavy-duty enough to withstand everyday use. 


Your induction stove may be warping your cookware. Specifically, the center of your pots and pans could be susceptible to deforming or becoming misshapen in time. The way that induction stove works is that the circle which indicates where you should place your pot or pan when ready to cook heats up. The magnetism is concentrated at this spot which is why your induction stove can heat up your cookware so quickly. 

However, this quick-heating property is also the reason why your cookware can become distorted. Since the heat is not as evenly distributed as it would be if your pot is heavy-bottomed, only the spot where the heat is will become heated. The rest of the pot won't heat up as much, and the difference in temperatures encourages warping. 


A heavy-bottomed pot is made to evenly distribute heat. The different kinds of metal in a heavy-bottomed pot are meant to heat up evenly before it can reach other parts of the pot. 

Induction stoves are fantastic stoves and required for those who live in apartments and condo buildings. However, if you want to save in the long term, invest in cookware that will last just as long as you will be cooking. 



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