This Egg Cooking Tip Will Save You From Overcooked Eggs Every Time

Do this every time you cook eggs.

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Many people love eggs. It's part of their daily silog breakfast combo plates, and it's a fantastic part of the meal that would otherwise feel lacking if it wasn't there. 

However, those who love their sunny-side-up eggs often run into the problem of overcooking their eggs. There is the danger of overcooking both the egg white and the egg yolk if you're not careful. 


We have an easy cooking fix if you're always overcooking your eggs. This easy tip will save your eggs from not only being overcooked but also minimizing the chances that you do overcook it. 

The tip? Turn off the heat. 

Sounds like a no-brainer tip, right? However, this tip assumes you also know when to turn off the heat. The heat should be hot enough to cook your egg just until it's cooked to your desired doneness.

When do you know the exact moment to turn off the heat? 

The moment is actually around 1 minute before it's cooked through. Your eggs should already be in a hot pan when you start so when you place the egg in the hot pan, the egg has already started to cook. Give it another few seconds, and the whites at the edges are cooked perfectly while the heat slowly continues to make its way towards the center of the eggs. When the whites are cooked through, the egg yolk is probably cooked through as well.

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The perfect moment to turn off the heat is when the egg whites attached to the yolks are still uncooked. You can turn off the heat at this time and allow the residual heat to continue cooking the egg until you feel like it's perfectly cooked the way you like it. 


Take a moment to enjoy the runny yolk every time you make the effort to cook your eggs right. It's a wonderful thing to experience because you're the one who cooked it. Try these recipes, too, so your daily breakfast is always a delicious satisfying one. 

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