You Can Make Your Own Ready-To-Cook Longganisa, Tocino + More

Don't want to buy processed pork products anymore? We got your back.

No one can deny how delicious pork is. Its tenderness, and distinct slightly sweet flavor is one you'll be craving all your life. Recent news however, has made people contentious about buying and eating pork. Whatever you decide on, we think the best way of enjoying your ready-to-cook pork classics is when you make these pork recipes yourself. This way, you can source the pork from a trusted vendor and know every ingredient that goes in.

Apart from in control of the pork, these recipes will also allow you to experiment and tweak these recipes so you achieve a flavor that's on point with your own taste buds. Ready-to-cook processed meat in the groceries are okay, but they're seasoned to appeal to as many people as possible. When you've got the recipe in your hands, you can be as adventurous with your tastes as you dare.

What really makes these types of pork recipes irresistible is how easy they can be put together when your stomach is growling for food! All these recipes can be made ahead while skipping the unnecessary additives processed meat usually uses to prolong its freshness.


So master these recipes and cook these dishes, freeze them, and you automatically have a sure win any day you reach into your freezer for a meal that's going to satisfy, both your stomach and your taste buds.

We like our longganisa made effortlessly.
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1 Skinless Longganisa Recipe

Who doesn't love longsilog for breakfast? Every bite is packed with meaty and garlicky flavor that goes so well with freshly cooked, hot, and steaming rice, a cup of coffee, and a sunny-side-up egg. Longganisa is basically a ticket to great breakfast and thus, a great day ahead. You can easily make your own longganisa at home and toggle the taste beyond what any regional longganisa can give you. Make your longganisa tailor-cut for you and go as spicy, garlicky, or sweet, as you want.


Even easier than home-made longganisa is skinless longganisa. This recipe doesn't need the casing which often scares off home cooks because it's made out of hard-to-find intestines. Now, you don't have to bother and you'll still get something extraordinarily delicious. Because you're not using a skin, feel free to shape them into patties, as well! We think a longganisa burger sounds just as incredibly delicious, don't you think?

Still reluctant about pork but dying to eat longganisa? You can make this beef longganisa instead.

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2 Tocino Recipe

Tocino is a no-fail, sweet, and tender pork option. Learn to make it yourself, and you can decide if your homemade tocino really needs to be that bright red. You'll find that it's such an easy recipe, you'd wonder why you didn't make it from scratch any sooner.

Make your tocino meal extra interesting and eat your tocino like you're from Batangas by drenching your rice in hot, strong Barako coffee. The bittersweet flavor of this kind of coffee bean balances the sweetness of the tocino.

Are you a big fan of tocino? Then you need to check out more ways to enjoy this traditional Filipino pork dish.

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You can freeze them until you need them.
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3 Cheesy Embutido Recipe

Spend an afternoon making a big batch of embutido, and you'll guarantee days upon days of great meals. Plus, this cheesy version of embutido is hard to resist. You have to try this recipe which uses a secret ingredient to get it extra cheesy and creamy. Can you guess the secret ingredient? You probably have a pack of the stuff at home! 

Want to lay off pork? Here's a fish version of embutido that you can still enjoy without the guilt.

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This embotido, or pork meatloaf, is oval shaped because it's cooked in a llanera!
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4 Everlasting (Marikina-style Meatloaf) Recipe

If you want something easy which can possibly last forever in your freezer, turn to this recipe that Marikina is proud to give its name to. Also, it's actually easier to make than traditional embutido because it uses a llanera! It's reusable, too, so whenever you feel extra energized, make a batch of this homegrown recipe.  

How do you like your bacon? We like ours waiting for us 24/7.
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5 Bacon Recipes

Bacon is the hallmark of a special breakfast. Crisp, tender, or used in a myriad of dishes, any iteration of bacon is sure to make anybody smile in glee. Did you know though, that it's not hard to make? You can make a basic bacon recipe easily. If you want to take it up a notch, buy an inexpensive smoker that will give your bacon that luxurious and delicious smoky aroma that's the trademark of a good slab of this cured pork belly.

Siomai, rice, and toyomansi are the three pillars of happiness.
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6 Pork Siomai Recipe

Siomai and rice is one classic pair while pork and shrimp are simply heavenly together. However, making siomai does take some time so why not make and then freeze a big batch over the weekend? When you do, you will reap all the delicious benefits throughout the week! Sounds like a brilliant meal plan, right?

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Can you resist saying no to another stick of this delicious barbecue?
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7 Pinoy Pork Barbecue Recipe

Marinate your pork in a special barbecue sauce that we Pinoys love and you can grill it, saute it, and stir-fry it any time of the week. You don't even need to skewer these pork slices! A quick fry in some oil will yield a fantastic meal that's not unlike tocino but with a different flavor profile. 

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This hamoncito is simmered in a mixture of seasoned orange and pineapple juice to create a fantastic sauce packed with umami.
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8 Hamoncito Recipe

Want to save some money? Make your own Christmas ham just like this spunky lola. This particular recipe was a best seller in Divisoria back in her day and when you make it at home, you'll learn the reason why. It uses the simplest ingredients that result in something deliciously special.

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Are you ready for some life-changing pork meals? We're so excited for you. Trying any of these pork recipes will begin a series of pork dishes that are way better than the stuff you can buy. Your basic meals just got tastier. 

More than anything, this list of pork recipes should inspire you and prove to you that there's just no quitting pork. That's why it's such a breath of fresh air that you can make these recipes at the safety of your own home.

Are there any ready-to-cook pork recipes we missed? What's the first one here that you're going to try?


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