Crispy Pata Recipes To Make For Any Occasion

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If you have a reason to buy crispy pata for any occasion, why not make it at home? Just like ube was a virtual unknown ingredient until it became a global sensation, the crispy pata is a dish that is well worth knowing how to make at home so you can enjoy it no matter where you go. 

It's also one of the cheapest pork cuts you will find in the display case of your meat shop. The crispy pata is easy to find. It's a common enough pork cut that you can ask for the cut for crispy pata which is the pork leg or pork knuckles. Not only that, the price of pork has risen dramatically over recent months. So, it's a smart move to know how to make it if you ever have a craving if you want to save and have time on your hands. 

Crispy pata will always be a delicious addition to any handaan spread, so if you want to make crispy pata to impress family and friends, these are the recipes to try: 

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1 Basic Crispy Pata Recipe with Dipping Sauce 

This basic crispy pata is a great beginner recipe for those who have never tried to make the dish on their own before. This is a simple brine that you will cook the whole pork pata in. The recipe uses a pressure cooker since it can cut the cooking time in half but if you do not have that appliance, you can easily do this in a large pot. You'll just have to simmer it for a longer time to make the pata tender. 


If you have a slow cooker, the pata can be tenderized in that, too. If you have an instant pot or one of those multicookers that can air fry, pressure cook, and even slow cook at the push of a button, this appliance acts just like a normal pressure cooker but is electronic. There's no worry about needing to check on the pot until it signals to you that it's done. 

Best of all, you don't have to wonder how to make that awesome dipping sauce that normally comes with your crispy pata because this comes with a recipe for that, too. 

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2 Crispy Pata Recipe With Soda  

If you love the taste of clear lemon-lime sodas, you'll love this recipe! The lemon-lime soda is a delicious ingredient, not just for the marinade of your Pinoy pork barbecue, but for any pork recipe that requires the meat to get fork-tender. 

The soda will not only help tenderize the pork as it simmers but will also impart some of its flavors to the crispy pata, too. Don't worry about it tasting sweet! Any sweetness from the soda is counterbalanced by the salt, garlic powder, and other seasonings that were added to the water. 

If you love the tangy vinegar dipping sauce instead of a soy sauce-based dipping sauce, this too has a great recipe for that! 

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May 30, 2016

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3 Spicy Crispy Pata Recipe 

Love some heat? Then this recipe is for you! This spicy version of the crispy pata is also pretty basic in the preparation. The pata is simmered in a mixture of water, salt, and bay leaves. That's it. 

However, what follows is the secret to the addictive spiciness that you're probably craving. Melted butter, garlic, and some chilis are gently sauteed until the garlic and chilis infuse the butter before the crispy pata is tossed in this mixture. Serve it along with a few more pieces of chili in the dipping sauces and you're ready for a spicy feast! 

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4 Boneless Crispy Pata Recipe

Not all crispy patas have bones. In this case, you'll have to ask the butcher to help you out! The pata needs to be deboned before you take it home or you'll have a giant task ahead of you! The good news is that the butcher can do this for you at the supermarket. All you have to do is cook it once you're ready. 

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You can find more tips and tricks to cooking crispy pata if you read on: 


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